Here's What Happens When You Pick the Wrong College...


Apr   2015



It's almost May 1, and (hopefully) your college deposit is in and you know exactly where you’re going to be when the fall semester starts. But even as you start getting excited for orientation and picking out extra-long sheet sets, all this talk of commitment may have you worried that you somehow chose wrong.

Well, here’s what happens when you pick the wrong college.

Are you ready?

Brace yourself.

Here it is...

Yup, nothing really happens. The earth keeps turning, and life goes on. So even if—and that’s a big “if”—you decide you picked the “wrong” college and want to go somewhere else, you will be fine, just like the other 33% of all students who eventually transfer. (That’s around seven million people each year.)

But before you start going down that college “what if?” wormhole, don’t forget a few crucial details:

  • You put in a lot of time and work to get to this place. You didn’t make this decision flippantly. Trust yourself.
  • It’s normal to be nervous. It’s normal to second-guess yourself. It’s even normal to have “buyer’s remorse.”
  • Attitude is everything. Your state of mind—positive or negative—will absolutely influence your college experience. Keep it positive now and when you arrive on campus.

If—still a big “if”—you find you want or need to transfer colleges, sure, you will need to adjust your plans. And you might be disappointed at first, but people who make this realization are actually pretty lucky. They know themselves well enough to say “I’m not happy here,” and they’re brave enough to admit they made a mistake. Most importantly, they’ve freed themselves to go to a college that truly fits them.

Take comfort in remembering that nothing is set in stone, tons of people are there to help you, and no matter what happens, a huge adventure lies ahead.

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