Best College Mascots Bracket 3rd Round Results: The Final 4


Mar   2015



It’s the Best College Mascots Third Round results time, people—and they’re all winners!

. . .

Just kidding. Four were eliminated. :( And we had to say goodbye to some of our faves too. But, luckily, they lost out to our other faves, so there’s that. Take a look at the videos below that helped us choose; they highlight some of these mascots’ most outrageous shenanigans and best work.

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The bracket (click to enlarge)

CollegeXpress Best College Mascot Bracket

The matchups

Bucky Badger vs. Otto the Orange

University of Wisconsin vs. Syracuse University

Who knew oranges could be so adorable? But sweet Otto wasn’t quite juicy enough to overtake Wisconsin’s favorite son, Bucky. That is a seriously charming badger. (At least we know Otto will bounce back.)

Winner: Bucky Badger (University of Wisconsin Badgers)

Bevo vs. Sparty

University of Texas at Austin vs. Michigan State University 

Bevo is legendary. Ain’t no one disputing that. But . . . he just stands there! It’s cool if you want to take pictures with him, but that’s kinda where the good times end. Sparty, on the other hand, is clearly the life of the party.

Winner: Sparty (Michigan State University Spartans)   

Herbie Husker vs. Brutus Buckeye

University of Nebraska vs. Ohio State University


We won’t hold the lack of production value against you, Herbie, but there’s really no contest. Lil’ Red will console you as Brutus continues to dominate.   

Winner: Brutus Buckeye (Ohio State University Buckeyes)

Big Al vs. WuShock

University of Alabama vs. Wichita State University

Watching Big Al’s highlight reel, we laughed, we cried, we were impressed that his trunk never got in the way of his dance moves. WuShock’s juggling what looked like golden hairballs . . . less impressive. Sorry, WuShock; everything’s gluten-free these days, including our bracket.

Winner: Big Al (University of Alabama Crimson Tide)

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