Video: Top 3 Tips for Getting Along with Your Roommate


Feb   2015



Though we love writing blogs for y’all, sometimes it’s just easier to say things aloud, you know? That’s why we recorded this “CollegeXplanation!” (Confession: we got a little too excited about the name.) One of our editors gives her top tips for getting along with your college roommate. Watch, share, and comment below!


Hi, CollegeXpressers. I’m Jess, I’m an editor here at CollegeXpress, and today I’m going to share my top three tips for getting along with your college roommate.

First: Don’t go to college expecting to be best friends with your roommate. Crazy, right? But the thing is, roommates have a unique relationship that often works best when you’re not super close. For example, you don’t want to feel snubbed if your roommate doesn’t invite you to go out with their friends and vice versa. This isn’t to say you can’t be friends with your roommate, and you should definitely be friend-ly, but you just don’t want to try to force anything.

Second: Talk about stuff. Talk about stuff even before you get to college. You’ll probably get your roommate’s contact information when you receive your housing assignment, and you can reach out to them through text or e-mail, or even in person if you live close enough. But you don’t want to just figure out who is bringing things like a TV or mini fridge. You also want to share your expectations. How do you feel about things like lights out? Sharing food? Having friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend over for a weekend? You can’t assume your roommate knows what you want out of this situation unless you tell them.

It’s also important to keep talking throughout the year, especially if something is bothering you and before it snowballs into a bigger problem. For example, if your roommate likes to listen Eastern European Death Metal at 3:00 a.m. while you’re trying to sleep, you probably want to nip that problem in the bud. On the same hand, you can’t be offended if your roommate asks you to turn down your Eastern European Death Metal.

Finally, just remember the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be patient. Be polite. Be kind. Don’t get mad at your roommate the first time they leave a sock on your side of the room. Remember that sharing 220 square feet with a stranger can be a little hard sometimes. But it might also be the most fun you’ve ever had.  

Thanks for listening to this CollegeXplanation from CollegeXpress! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter @CollegeXpress.

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