Aug   2012



A Freshman Reflection


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Journalism Major, University of Arizona

I am a dreamer.

Freshman reflectionI believe in a viewing each situation life brings us through a positive lens.

All that being said, I was nervous and a bit apprehensive toward the transition to college. This time last year I knew that my freshman year at the University of Arizona rapidly approached, but I had no idea what to expect.

Everything that I have learned and experienced in my life—accolades, laughs, basketball teams, girls, awkward middle school yearbook photos—have led to this moment.

How would I adapt to college? Can I make it my own?

But guess what . . . I made it!

My freshman year was jam-packed from start to finish. Waking up, going to class, working, meeting other students, repeat.

Before you start playing your violins, please understand my message: I definitely wish that I could have handled certain situations differently, but my freshman year helped me grow into the man that I aspire to become—one who is self-assured and happy.

If I could give one piece of advice to an incoming college student, I would advise you to not stress about what might happen but instead make something happen.

You want to get a head start on that English essay due next week? Begin writing today. You want to approach that young man or woman in your journalism class? Introduce yourself after class.

Basically, I am advising you to go after what you want. Tomorrow is never promised for any of us and life is far too short to live with continued regrets or dwellings on the past.

Just do you and the rest will fall into place. I promise.