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Summer Mathematics Programs


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Whether you’re a math whiz or can’t solve for ‘X’ to save your life, these summer mathematics programs for high school students will have you calculating more than the right SPF to wear at the beach.

Advanced mathematics

Summer Math Programs on CollegeXpressNumber theory. Combinatorics. Discrete math. Analytical geometry. I don’t really know what any of these words mean. But if you do, and you’re excited to learn more, summer programs can expose you to higher-level topics not traditionally covered in high school or even college curricula. We’re talking Good Will Hunting/A Beautiful Mind territory here.

The Ross Mathematics Program at The Ohio State University is a highly selective program in number theory that combines workshops and lectures with problem sets.

Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics covers undergraduate-level content in number theory, combinatorics/graph theory, modern algebra and other topics. Faculty and participants are known for a weird obsession with the number 17.

Held on the campuses of Cornell University and The University of California, Santa Cruz, the AwesomeMath Summer Program prepares students for prestigious math competitions such as the American Mathematics Competition and United States of America Mathematical Olympiad.

College and university courses

If you’re not crazy about the idea of spending eight hours a day on problem sets, but you still want to supplement your high school math courses, look for colleges and universities that offer introductory-level college courses to high school students. It’s a great way to earn college credit and show colleges you can handle the academic workload.

Summer@Brown at Brown University allows precollege students to enroll in math department courses in calculus, game theory, and number theory.

Check out colleges and universities in your area to see if they offer similar programs. Even local community colleges offer courses to high school students, often at a reduced cost.

Review and remedial mathematics

Summer programs at boarding schools are a great resource for students who want to brush up on math concepts before the next school year. Dormitories and facilities often resemble college campuses, but programs feature smaller class sizes and more individual attention, including teachers specializing in students with learning disabilities.

Some excellent boarding schools offering summer math courses include Phillips Academy, The Hun School of Princeton, Portsmouth Abbey School, and The Delphian School.