Mar   2013



The Most Important SAT-Prep Tool . . . and It's Free!


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Director of SAT Programs, Veritas Prep

Did you know that the most important tool you need to prepare for the SAT is actually free?

The SAT is an exam that requires many hours of practice and preparation. No one can magically raise your SAT score. You will have to put in the effort to learn hundreds of vocabulary words that will seem like a chore, learn strategies that won’t always be easy to grasp, and perform lots of trial-and-error practice.

In order to get through it all, you will need something to keep you going: self-motivation. What’s motivating you to study for the SAT? Try to make your motivation come from within, rather than from an external source (i.e., your parents). While it’s great when your parents and other other people in your life want you to do well on the SAT, but when you want to do well yourself, preparing for the SAT becomes much less painful.

Think about your future and how the SAT can help you get there. Are you preparing for the SAT in order to get into a prestigious university, get a scholarship, become eligible for college athletics, or some other aspiration?

When I was in high school, I knew exactly why I wanted a high SAT score. I had the goal of getting into a dual-degree medical program, also known as a baccalaureate/M.D. program. I planned to become a physician, and these programs offered the opportunity for high school students to be accepted into a university’s college and medical school at the same time.

Typically, a student would have to apply to college, take a pre-med course load, and then have to apply again after four years to medical school. But these programs guarantee students admission into medical school from high school.

However, baccalaureate/M.D. programs are very competitive, and a high SAT score was absolutely necessary. So in high school, I used my career path as my motivation to achieve a high SAT score. You too should know why you are preparing for the SAT.

If you really put forth the effort, you will surpass your own expectations. Did I ever think that my effort would eventually lead me to a 2400, admission into prestigious universities, over $230,000 in scholarships, and the chance to write books and create courses about it all one day? Not even in my wildest dreams.

When there seems to be no sparkle in the sky, remember that your preparation isn't useless. You will be rewarded for your effort. Keep your eye on the prize and stay self-motivated.