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Undergrad Profile

Meaningful life, productive career

Our calling at The University of Findlay is to help students find their calling. We have worked to that high purpose since the founding of Findlay College in 1882. The exceptional quality of our academic experience and dedication to incorporating experiential learning into all of our programs has made Findlay one of the best private universities in the Midwest.

The University is located in Findlay, Ohio. Findlay is the only city in Ohio to have been named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People three consecutive times by America’s Promise Alliance.

With nearly 60 majors at UF, students have the flexibility to pursue the career they have always envisioned or experience a new career path they never knew was an option. The University of Findlay is known for excellence in many of its academic programs, including equestrian studies; pre-veterinary medicine; physical therapy; environmental, safety, and occupational health management; business; computer science; and nuclear medicine technology. In addition, Findlay offers 10 master’s degrees, a Doctor of Pharmacy, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a Doctor of Education. Our focus is on faculty-guided undergraduate research, helping cultivate leadership skills in all of our students and hands-on learning in every program.

Campus life
There are also plenty of opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities on campus. With 100 student organizations active on campus, including special-interest clubs, student media, student government, performing arts groups, service clubs, Greek sororities and fraternities, and academic honorary organizations, students have numerous avenues to hone their leadership and interpersonal skills outside of a classroom environment. For the sportingly inclined, there are club and 28 intramural sports, while those with an interest in the fine arts can look forward to the variety of theatre productions, music concerts, and art exhibits.

Eight traditional residence halls, along with townhouses, apartments, and cottages, are available to meet students’ housing needs. The active housing and residence life program helps students make the most of their time on campus.




Academic Programs

• Accounting
- Financial Accounting
- Managerial Accounting

• Animal Science
- Industry Option
- Pre-veterinary Medicine
- Science

• Art
• Art Management
• Biology*
• Business Management
• Chemistry*
• Children’s Book Illustration
• Computer Science
- Business
- Computer Systems
- Information Assurance
- Mathematics
- Web & Database

• Criminal Justice
- White-Collar Crime
• Economics
• Education
- Adolescent/Young Adult
Integrated English/Language Arts
Integrated Mathematics
Integrated Science
Integrated Social Studies
Life Science
- Early Childhood
- Intervention Specialist Education/Mild to Moderate Disabilities
- Middle Childhood

Language Arts/Math
Language Arts/Science
Language Arts/Social Studies
Math/Social Studies
Science/Social Studies
- Multi-Age
Health and Physical Education
Physical Education
Visual Arts
• English
- Creative Writing
- General Writing
- Literature
- Teaching
• Environmental, Safety & Occupational Health Management
• Equestrian Studies
- English Riding/Training
- Western Riding/Training
• Equine Business Management
• Finance
• Forensic Science
- DNA/Serology
- Toxicology

• Graphic Design
• Health & Physical Education
Health Care Management
• Health Science
- Pre-occupational Therapy
- Pre-physical Therapy

• History
• Hospitality Management
• Human Resource Management
• Japanese
• Journalism/Digital Media
• Law & the Liberal Arts (Pre-law)
• Marketing
• Mathematics
- Applied Emphasis for Actuary Preparation
- Applied Emphasis for Computer Science
- Applied Emphasis for Engineering Science
- Applied Emphasis for Operations Research
- Pure Mathematics

• Medical Laboratory Science
• Nuclear Medicine Technology
• Nursing
• Operations & Logistics
• Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
• Philosophy/Applied Philosophy
• Political Science
• Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography
• Pre-veterinary Medicine, Animal Science
• Psychology
• Public Relations
• Religious Studies
- Biblical Studies
- Christian Studies
- Comparative Religion Studies
- Individualized Studies

• Social Work
• Sociology
• Sonography
• Spanish
• Sport & Event Management
• Strength & Conditioning
• Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
• Theatre
- Music Theatre
- Performance

* Recommended majors for students interested in medical school

Graduate and Professional Degrees
• Applied Security and Analytics
• Athletic Training
• Business Administration
• Education (master’s and doctorate)
• Environmental, Safety & Health Management
• Health Informatics
• Occupational Therapy
• Pharmacy
• Physical Therapy
• Physician Assistant
• Rhetoric & Writing
• Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)/Bilingual Education