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Catholic Profile

Come as you are, be who you'd like.

Impact awaits
By definition, “impact” is the force exerted by a new idea, concept, technology, or ideology. At Clarke University we believe that’s a force that can change the world-—and it all begins with you.

Results through relationships
We empower the leaders of tomorrow just like you by creating an experience that is constantly and intentionally focused on impacting student success. At Clarke the idea of personal attention is taken to new heights. Instead of surface-level interactions, you will find faculty members who are mentors dedicated to pushing you beyond what seems possible.

Small campus, huge possibilities
Clarke’s student body is comprised of  1,200 students—and we believe being a small community equates to big opportunities for students. You’ll have the chance to be more involved in extracurricular activities ranging from academic clubs to intramural sports and everything in between. Plus, Clarke is host to a variety of cultural events, including art exhibits, drama productions, and music performances.

See the big picture
Clarke is a Catholic liberal arts and sciences university located in the thriving city of Dubuque, Iowa. In addition to your major course work, you’ll develop a broader perspective of the world through additional courses in a variety of disciplines. You’ll develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as well as an appreciation for our global society—all of which can give you an edge in work and life. You will also have the opportunity to explore your beliefs and see how they integrate with everything you do.




  • 11:1 Student to Faculty Ratio
  • 1,200 students from 26 states and 7 countries.
  • 97% of students report being employed in their field or continuing their education.
  • Majors: 31
    • Top Majors:
    • Nursing
    • Accounting & Business
    • Education
    • Psychology
    • Physical Therapy
    • Athletic Training
    • Biology
  • 100% of students receive financial aid