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Visual Arts Profile

Creativity propelled

The University of the Arts brings together creative people of every kind—visual artists and designers, actors, dancers and musicians, multimedia artists, screenwriters, filmmakers, and more—and acts as a catalyst for each student’s creativity. A close-knit, vibrant community located at the heart of the nation’s fifth-largest city, UArts is a place where students develop as artists and creative leaders, crossing traditional boundaries of academics and disciplines to develop new ways of expression and influence in a world where the need for creative thinkers has never been greater.

At the University of the Arts, creativity overlaps, converges, and collides with numerous opportunities for collaboration with other students. A screenwriter takes classes with photographers or animators; a dancer or musician performs in a filmmaker’s project or shares a room with a sculptor, painter, or graphic designer. Whatever your field, you will find other individuals who share your passion for the creative process—and for making your mark on our society.

Top-level faculty are working professionals
The University’s almost 2,400 students and 500 faculty members interact in an environment designed to provide a dynamic and innovative learning experience. University of the Arts faculty members are working professionals who challenge, inspire, drive, connect, critique, and shape. They create an intense and interactive academic environment for students, who benefit from their professors’ extensive real-world experience. This synergy is a key to the University’s success rate helping aspiring artists, designers, performers, and writers develop their creativity and find satisfying careers.

Alumni success
Students graduate from the University of the Arts prepared to achieve success in their chosen fields and to make their marks on the world around them. Filmmakers and screenwriters are making films in New York and Los Angeles. Dance alumni appear everywhere from Broadway to regional dance companies. Designers and animators have gone on to start their own firms or to work in major advertising agencies and film production companies. Multimedia artists often receive job offers before they graduate. Musicians record and perform professionally. And many graduates find successful careers—as doctors, attorneys, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs of all kinds—propelled by the creative skills honed at UArts.

A true university
The University of the Arts has been a leader in educating top creative professionals for almost 140 years, with a long history of excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and in all disciplines.

The curriculum combines majors with real depth and a strong professional focus with a rich experience of the liberal arts—such areas as literature, history, psychology, and the sciences. Students have the chance to explore areas outside of their majors by sampling courses or completing a minor.

Philadelphia: a vibrant cultural center
Situated between New York City and Washington, D.C., Philadelphia is the nation’s fifth-largest city and an exciting cultural center. UArts’ location on Philadelphia’s Avenue of the Arts provides students with a vital urban experience at the crossroads of culture and business. The Avenue of the Arts is a lively neighborhood of theaters, hotels, restaurants, clubs, museums, galleries, and shops that draw thousands of visitors to the heart of Philadelphia. You will find opportunities for internships in a wide range of settings—advertising agencies and Web development companies, TV and radio stations, theater and dance companies, among many others. Philadelphia is home to four major film festivals, 75 art galleries, 200,000 college students, 100 theater companies, and dozens of theaters. 

For students who are passionately committed—be it to art, design, dance, music, or film—the University of the Arts helps guide them to reach their highest potential and prepares them for fulfilling careers in whatever fields they choose.