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On Saint Vincent College’s 200-acre campus in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, you’ll find people who inspire you and opportunities that invite you to take your talents and strengths to new heights and new places—from across town to across the world.

A long the way you’ll discover more about yourself, your power to make a difference for others, and what it means to lead a life of purpose.

The world is your classroom
As a student at Saint Vincent, you will learn in places ranging from multimedia classrooms to the 50-acre Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve (named for the late wife of golf legend Arnold Palmer) to the Fred Rogers Center (named for public television’s Fred Rogers) to places around the world. To foster the most effective learning environment, classes are kept small (our average class size is less than 20 students), and faculty place highest priority on teaching. Since there are no teaching assistants, faculty have the opportunity to get to know every student. They become mentors as they guide students in a search for truth in an increasingly complicated world.

Students in every major have an opportunity to conduct original research; all math and science majors conduct a three-semester research project, and many go on to share their findings at national conferences.

Students can also choose to study abroad. In addition to options in dozens of countries, the College has affiliations with nine Chinese colleges and universities. From the breadth of the liberal arts curriculum to the excitement of hands-on learning, the goal is to encourage a love for learning that endures.

Honors Program opportunities
Students who enjoy academic challenge may apply to the Honors Program. As an Honors Program student, you will be part of an academic community that integrates cultural events and independent scholarly work into college classes. The program provides a special congenial setting for your intellectual growth, both during classes and extracurricular events.

Activities include:
• Attending plays, films, and art exhibits together
• Dinner and evening discussions on readings, films, art exhibits, etc.
• Extended trips within the United States and even abroad during semester breaks

During previous semesters, Honors students discussed current science issues over dinner with Bill Nye (The Science Guy), astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Joanne Rogers (wife of the late Fred Rogers) and participated in poetry readings and discussions with faculty. Honors Program students have also traveled to New York City and driven to Washington, D.C., for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Supreme Court.

Catholic, Benedictine tradition
At Saint Vincent we are proud of the Catholic, Benedictine tradition that has shaped life on this campus for nearly 170 years. In keeping with the tradition of hospitality, Saint Vincent welcomes students of all faiths or of no faith. Our campus includes places for prayer, as it is an important part of life for many of our administrators, faculty members, and students—no matter what their faith traditions.

The sense of community that Saint Vincent is known for is fostered from the day you arrive on campus. Orientation lasts five weeks and involves more than 150 upperclassmen whose mission is to make freshmen feel at home. Every student is matched with an upperclassman who serves as a big brother or sister throughout the first year. In the residence halls (where more than 70% of students live), trained prefects foster a safe living environment and provide guidance and advice, along with activities and educational programs.

Expand your horizons
College is an investment in the future. Students find the Saint Vincent experience provides returns in countless ways, not only as they make their way down a career path, but more importantly, as they make their way through life. Ninety-six percent of 2014 Saint Vincent graduates responding to a survey were employed in their fields or attending graduate school.

Saint Vincent strives to expand the horizons of its students. We want them to succeed in the workplace and make a good living. We also want them to see that their life is a gift for others and that they can make a difference in the world.




First-Year Student Costs 2015–2016
Tuition and Fees: $32,582
Room and Board: $10,478
Total Cost: $43,060
Saint Vincent offers merit scholarships of up to $20,500 per year.