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Since 1849, students majoringin the sciences at Waynesburg University have graduated to become leaders in health and medicine. 

Since 1849, students majoring in the sciences at Waynesburg University have graduated to become leaders in health and medicine. Our students prepare for the real world by being immersed in it, with the guidance of experienced professors.

From conducting significant research alongside their instructors and presenting that research at national conferences to securing placement in competitive research fellowship and graduate programs, our undergraduates do far more than listen to lectures—they research, they make discoveries, they achieve.

Waynesburg University will change the way you live. You will develop your intellect, gain valuable career experience, and benefit from small classes taught by professors who care.

Waynesburg’s chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), founded by recent biology alumnus Isaiah Cochran during his freshman year, provides great resources to students interested in the medical field. The organization regularly hosts medical professionals as guest speakers, tours regional medical schools, and participates in outreach and service specific to the medical field. AMSA also organizes study sessions and provides mentorship between members to ensure academic success.

As a senior, Cochran served nationally as the pre-medical trustee on the AMSA Board of Trustees. In addition to his role within AMSA, Cochran was selected for a fellowship at Harvard Medical School in neuroscience for the summer of 2014. Previously he participated in a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program at Yale University’s Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute. Currently he is enrolled in the Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University.

As a proud member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), Waynesburg helps students develop academically and professionally on the foundation of faith. Faith is an integral part of the University’s mission and is reinforced in the classroom.

You may choose to practice your faith every Tuesday at Chapel, in your classes, in a prayer or Bible study group, through your artwork, while serving others, or in your own individual way. You will also have opportunities to discuss theory and application of faith as it relates to your future profession.

While we guide you in developing specific skills and talents on your academic journey, we will also provide you with opportunities to apply and sharpen them through service.

As a nursing student, you might travel to Nassau, Bahamas, on a medical mission trip. As an athletic training major, you might assist medical professionals at the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, Virginia, offering medical attention to runners in need.

Whichever major you choose, you will have service opportunities that fit your skill sets and interests.  

More than 90% of students receive some form of financial aid each year, and tuition, room, and board is more than $11,000 below the national average for a private, nonprofit four-year college. Between Achievement Awards and additional scholarships; federal, state, and institutional grants; a number of work-study opportunities; and student and/or parent education loans, Waynesburg University is quite affordable.

With 95% of 2014 graduates having reported working or studying in their chosen field within one year of graduation, Waynesburg was recently ranked a top value college in a nationwide outcome-based college rankings index compiled by Educate To Career (ETC). ETC describes its rankings as an effort to deliver on the promise of the federal government’s College Scorecard by providing actual college outcomes data on degree value and graduate employability.

The University’s Career Services Center works to ensure the successful transition from college to career for each student.

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Nursing Simulation Lab
The Nursing Simulation Lab provides a safe and effective environment for students to learn and apply cognitive, psychomotor, and decision-making skills in eight patient rooms with audio-video digital recording, remote-viewing capabilities, and high-fidelity simulators.

• Provides for practice of IV cannulation, medication administration, cardiac monitoring, and wound care through manikins, including SimBaby.

• Offers students the opportunity to experience complex patient care in simulated situations.

• Affords the opportunity for faculty members and students to critique filmed scenarios, giving students the ability to adjust their clinical and decision-making skills accordingly.