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Science & Engineering Profile

#BeExceptional at the University of Mount Union
Exceptional is the rule at Mount Union. This private university, grounded in the liberal arts tradition, delivers a classic college experience—plus so much more.

Your Mount Union education begins with our high-quality academic program, featuring an array of majors in engineering and the sciences. Supported by a world-class faculty—teacher-scholars who are passionate about their subjects and their students—you’ll forge an intellectual foundation for lifelong learning and success.  

A Mount Union education prepares you for today’s realities and tomorrow’s challenges by linking classroom instruction with practical application. Live what you learn—and build valuable career skills—through a full range of experiential learning opportunities, from campus leadership to community service, from athletic endeavors to off-campus internships. 

It all takes place in a diverse and inclusive community, where your explorations are encouraged and supported. The result is your own Mount Union experience: relevant, dynamic . . . exceptional. And that’s why motivated students—especially those with an interest in engineering and the sciences—make Mount Union the first choice.

Engineering at Mount Union
Mount Union offers undergraduate degrees in civil engineering and mechanical engineering, both of which are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Our Department of Engineering distinguishes itself by supplementing its curriculum with the four pillars of exceptional engineering education—hands-on, real-world engineering, an international engineering field experience, the integration of engineering knowledge with essential business skills, and the building of effective leaders and communicators.

Civil engineering
Our ever-evolving society is in dire need of well-rounded engineers in the workforce. Our degree in civil engineering will provide you with a broad-based education and diverse experiences to fulfill that societal need.

Research opportunities, an international experience, off-campus internships, and a solid liberal arts foundation are just a few of the many ways Mount Union will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career in this field. A strong focus in math and science and depth in technology are integrated into classroom studies to make you an excellent problem solver and creative thinker.

Our modern civil engineering facilities are housed in the state-of-the-art Engineering and Business Building and the Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Projects Facility. These spaces include the:
• Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Projects Lab
• Environmental Engineering Lab
• Fluids and Thermal Sciences Lab
• Mechanics and Materials Lab
• Mechanical Systems Lab
• Engineering Computer Lab

Mechanical engineering
Meeting the demand for mechanical engineering graduates with well-rounded educations, Mount Union provides the academic foundation and career preparation for a rewarding career in this field. Through hands-on activities and competitions, an international experience, and research opportunities, you will develop the critical-thinking skills to solve complex problems, understand how things work in the world, and create the next technology innovations to help society.

Our mechanical engineering program offers a curriculum steeped in strong fundamentals and augmented by hands-on learning in the two broad areas of mechanical engineering: thermal systems and mechanical systems.

The Engineering and Business Building is also home to our innovative mechanical engineering facilities, including the:
• Engineering Computer Lab
• Mechanical Systems Lab
• Fluids and Thermal Sciences Lab
• Mechanics and Materials Lab
• Machine Shop and Fabrication Lab

The sciences at Mount Union
At Mount Union we offer a number of programs in the sciences that are geared toward preparing students for career success or further study after graduation. These programs are housed in Bracy Hall of Science, an 87,000-sq. ft. structure that includes 22 laboratories of various types and sizes, three lecture halls, two classrooms, and 21 faculty offices.

With an expected growth of 37% over the next decade, biochemistry is a great major to pursue. Coupling experiential learning opportunities with the classroom exposure to advanced biochemistry, you will be fully prepared for graduate school or career success.

With a well-rounded curriculum that encourages undergraduate research and exploration, our biology major may be for you. You will benefit greatly from the numerous hands-on experiences, state-of-the-art equipment, and personal attention from faculty.

If the study of matter and its transformations is what interests you, then our chemistry major may be a great fit. Our program offers a wide variety of hands-on experiences through independent, competitive, and joint research with faculty.

Environmental science
Learn to solve environmental issues through our innovative program in environmental science. Our unique curriculum will expose you to in-depth scientific study as well as economics, ethics, and policy, all through the lens of the environmental perspective.

Geology is the science of the Earth—its composition, structure, minerals, processes, products, and history. Tackle challenging scientific problems involving the environment, natural resources, and man-made and natural hazards through study in this field.

Medical laboratory science
If you’re looking for the opportunity for a rewarding career in the high-demand field of medical laboratory science, take a look at our major. You will combine three years of intense in-class study with a final year in professional training at the Cleveland Clinic.

Master fundamental principles of the subatomic and the universe in our dynamic major in physics. Student-centered projects develop the individual as a physicist and/or astronomer, and hands-on experiences solidify the concepts using simple and complex equipment.


Your Future Starts Here
An Investment with Proven Results
Our more than 18,000 alumni worldwide stand as proof that a Mount Union education is a worthwhile investment. In fact, among members of the 2014 graduating class, 99%* of those self-reporting had started a degree-required career or were accepted to graduate school, all in an average of 38 days after graduation. When it comes to engineering and the sciences, alumni success for the same class was a perfect 100%**. It doesn’t get much more convincing than that.

The Conversation About Cost
Don’t let concerns about the cost of college keep you from exploring this exceptional investment in your future. Our tuition is more than 13% below the average cost of other similar private institutions in Ohio, and we were recently named a Tuition Hero for our efforts to keep tuition increases to a minimum. In addition, about 98% of undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid, and our average financial aid package is $21,734.

* Statistics based upon the results of the annual First Destination Report with 87% of the Class of 2014 self reporting
** Statistics based upon the results of the annual First Destination Report with 89% of biochemistry, biology, chemistry,
civil engineering, environmental science, geology, and mechanical engineering graduates of the Class of 2014 self reporting