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Our mission is to give you the education you need to make a difference in the world.

You want to be on the first Mars mission, find alternative energy sources, or work on cancer research. At WPI we believe in the power of our students to make an impact. 

Here you’ll do much more than study science and technology in the classroom and lab. You’ll delve into the arts and humanities. You’ll complete projects on campus and around the globe, where you’ll connect what you’ve learned in the classroom with pressing real-life challenges, from hu-man health and the environment to business and engineering. You’ll grow—personally, professionally, and intellectually—as you discover how to apply your talents and turn your ideas into tangible solutions.

A multidimensional education
Our aim is to educate you broadly so you’ll achieve greatly. We’re proud of our history as one of the nation’s first technological universities, founded in 1865. Our curriculum, like our students, continues to be both innovativeand practical. Small classes, a flexible curriculum, and one-on-one interaction with professors at the top oftheir fields make learning at WPI an experience unlike any other.

Over 50 areas of study in engineering, science, business, and the liberal arts allow many options to pursue the subjects that interest you, from molecular biology to music. Exciting  interdisciplinary programs are driven by real-world demand, like robotics engineering, interactive media and game development, and environmental engineering. We offer pre-professional programs (dentistry, law, med-icine, and veterinary) and a B.S./M.S. program. You can even create your own major or minor program.Not surprisingly, over 40% of students change their major at least once.

An immediate impact
At WPI learning is about more than just theories and ideas. You’ll learn how to put ideas into practice through our project-enriched curriculum. WPI undergraduates complete two projects: one directly related to their major and one working with a team of students to solve a problem at the intersection of society and technology—helping bring electricity to remote villages in Thailand or studying the bioethics of cloning, for example. Wherever you go, you’ll have an immediate impact. At the same time, you’ll gain valuable professional skills, a talent for teamwork, and the confidence to dive right in, no matter what the challenge.

A global experience unlike any other
Over half of WPI students complete projects outside the United States, and two-thirds do projects off campus. You’ll not only experience the challenge of solving real-life problems with your fellow students—you’ll immerse yourself in another culture. Complete your projects on campus or at more than 46 project centers located around the globe, including Australia, Costa Rica, Thailand, and the United States. Recent project sponsors include the Desert Research Foundation in Namibia, the Mayo Clinic, Morgan Stanley, the Environmental Protection Agency, and UNESCO.

The power of teamwork
Our academic program encourages collaboration—not competition. You’ll work closely with fellow students in project-oriented classes. During your interactive project, you’ll work in teams of two to four students, either on campus or at one of our project centers, using science, technology, and engineering to solve a problem that matters to real people in real communities. Learning how to work in teams will prepare you to achieve results and become a leader in life after college—no matter what path you take.

A focus on personal interaction
Professors at WPI have a lot in com-mon with their students. They’re excited about learning. They like to connect new ideas with real-world problems. And each one has his or her own unique brand of genius. But the best thing about WPI professors is their accessibility: in class, out of class, via e-mail. Students at WPI have professors—not graduate students or teaching assistants—in the classroom for all of their courses. They push you, not by giving you the answers, but by helping you find them on your own.

A strong research environment
Just as WPI professors are passionate about teaching, they’re also committed researchers and scholars with world-class credentials. They are leading contributors to the life sciences, energy, information, technology, and more. Fourteen members of the current faculty are Fulbright Scholars, and more than 40 are fellows of top national and international societies. Twenty-three current WPI faculty members have won the National Science Foundation’s CAREER Award, its most prestigious award for young faculty members.

With all of the amazing things WPI students and faculty do, our outstanding research facilities should come as no surprise. Gateway Park, a new life-sciences-based campus, provides top-tier facilities for WPI and bioengineering companies, offering tremendous opportunities for collaboration. The Fire Science Laboratory enables students and faculty to evaluate fire safety measures in actual fire simulations. And newly renovated labs comprise WPI’s state-of-the-art Undergraduate Life Sciences Center, facilitating team-based work in the lab.

A classic New England campus
With its beautiful architecture, grassy
quad, and ivy-covered walls, our traditional New England campus is the kind of place where you can’t help but feel inspired. Students stop and chat with their friends and professors on tree-lined paths. Play pool between classes at the Campus Center. Get a cup of coffee with friends at Dunkin’ Donuts. Study in the sun by the fountain in Reunion Plaza. Get a group together for an on-campus concert or comedian. Stop and smell the roses in the formal English garden behind Higgins House. And see a student play at the Little Theatre.

A sense of community without a sense of conformity
If you’re into sports, we’ve got a full roster of varsity, club, and intramural athletics. WPI has won the Worcester Cup Championship seven years in a row, recognizing it as the top collegiate athletic program in Worcester County. If Greek life is your thing, join one of WPI’s 13 fraternities or six sororities. Join a music or theatre ensemble, academic club, international organization, or religious group. There are more than 200 student clubs and activities where you can get to know people who share your interests and beliefs—or who are completely different from you.

Worcester, Boston, and beyond
Home to nine other colleges and uni
versities and more than 38,000 college students, Worcester is a great college town. Late-night diners, clubs, museums, concert venues, and theatres are right down the hill from WPI in Worcester’s vibrant downtown. Boston is less than an hour away by commuter rail if you want to catch Red Sox fever. There’s great skiing and boarding at nearby Wachusett Mountain. Worcester is centrally located, with easy access to Providence, New York City, the Berkshire and White Mountains, and Cape Cod.

Outcomes: beyond WPI
WPI alumni are more than scientists and engineers. They’re leaders and innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, and problem solvers. No matter what you study at WPI, you’ll gain experience and build confidence—through your course work, your projects, and your involvement in campus life—that will prepare you for a rewarding career in any field. Top-tier employers seek out WPI graduates for their real-world experience and their team-based approach to problem solving. Within a few months of graduation, over 90% of students are recruited by leading organizations such as Pfizer, General Electric, Google, and Apple or attending graduate school. Not surprisingly, WPI graduates’ starting salaries are higher than those of many other college graduates, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Each year WPI graduates are accepted into many prestigious graduate schools, including MIT, Yale University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, and Tufts University Medical School. Learn more about our graduates’ success at wpi.edu/+results.

Preparation for innovation and leadership
Every aspect of the WPI education is designed to help you see and solve problems in fresh, creative ways. Our mission since 1865, simply put, has been to give you the education you need to make a difference around the world.
We invite you to join us. Learn more at admissions.wpi.edu.





• Actuarial Mathematics
• Biochemistry
• Biology and Biotechnology
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Economics
• Engineering Physics
• Humanities and Arts
- American Studies
- Art History
- Drama/Theatre
- English
- Environmental Studies
- German Studies
- Hispanic Studies
- History
- Humanities Studies of Science and Technology
- Literature
- Music
- Philosophy
- Religion
- Writing and Rhetoric
• Mathematical Sciences
• Physics
• Psychology
• Society, Technology, and Policy
• System Dynamics

• Industrial Engineering
• Management
• Management Engineering
• Management Information Systems

• Aerospace Engineering
• Architectural Engineering
• Biomedical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Fire Protection Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Robotics Engineering

Interdisciplinary Studies
• Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
• Environmental and Sustainability Studies (B.A.)
• Interactive Media and Game Development
• International Studies
• Liberal Arts and Engineering
• Professional Writing
• Robotics Engineering

• Pre-dental
• Pre-law
• Pre-medical
• Pre-veterinary
• Teacher Licensure

• Individually designed programs
• Interdisciplinary Studies
• Undecided (Engineering)
• Undecided (Science)
• Undeclared
• Five-year B.S./M.S. programs
- Fire Protection
- Mathematics

• One of the nation’s first private, independent technological universities
• 4,123 undergraduates from 49 states and 72 countries
• Admitted student profile: GPA, 3.84;
average class rank, top 11%; SAT average, 1307 (CR + MA), 1921 (CR, MA, WR)
• 90% of full-time faculty with a Ph.D. or terminal degree
• Two Fulbright Scholars, two Marshall Scholars, and 20 Goldwater Scholars
• 20 NCAA Division III men’s and women’s varsity teams; 40 club and intramural sports; more than 85% of students participating in sports activities
• More than 200 student clubs and organizations offering something for everyone
• 97% of first-year students living in college-owned housing
• 95-acre campus with 44 major buildings set in a residential neighborhood within a vibrant city

Pre-College Summer Enrichment Programs
What are you doing next summer? Explore new subjects and get hands-on experience in science, engineering, and technology using our cutting-edge equipment and labs at one of our Summer Enrichment Programs. Connect with other students like you and have fun! There’s no better way to experience life at college.

Would you love to spend your summer splicing DNA or designing a robot? Or would your prefer creating your own multimedia Web pages, investigating interplanetarytravel, or exploring flight? Choose from one of 16 areas ofstudy: aerospace engineering, biology and biotechnology, biomedical engineering, chemistry/biochemistry, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, engineering exploration, environmental and sustainability studies, global sustainability, interactive media and game development, mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, robotics, and women’s leadership. Explore innovations in these fields from WPI faculty and gain experience using cutting-edge technology. This is a two-week or four-week residential program for rising juniors and seniors. Learn more at wpi.edu/+frontiers.

Explore the outer limits of knowledge in biology, computer science, or robotics. You’ll attend workshops and do lab work in your chosen area of study. With classmates you’ll work on projects and assemble your findings. You’ll learn from outstanding WPI instructors and students and use state-of-the-art experimental, analytical, and computertechnology. Launch is a week-long program designed for rising freshmen and sophomores. Students may live on campus or commute from home. Learn more at wpi.edu/+launch.

WPI offers residential and non-residential programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. To learn more or to apply, visit wpi.edu/+summer.