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At Antioch College we believe the best way to prepare for a life of significance is through intentionally linking rigorous academic inquiry and real-world work. It starts with challenging classes built around an innovative global curriculum that is designed for change makers, leaders, and people who believe the world can be made a better place. At Antioch rigorous academics are the foundation, not the finish. Students apply their classroom knowledge in real-world work experiences through our co-op work program with our domestic and international partners. 

At Antioch, a college of applied liberal arts and sciences, it’s about studying broadly and deeply and using that knowledge to step beyond identifying the world’s most pressing challenges. It’s about beginning to articulate potential solutions. It’s the only way to manifest meaningful and positive change in the world. Whether you’re interested in studying biomedical or environmental science, literature, political economy, or something else entirely, you will find that it’s not about doing things the way they’ve always been done. An Antioch education is nothing like the 13th grade.

Liberal arts as a contact sport
We haven’t had a football team since 1929. And we’re proud of that, because it means more resources and greater emphases are placed on academics—where they should be. Community is key, and from shaping policies to sharing interests and skills, students take the initiative to connect around the things that matter. An Antioch College education is bigger than sports teams and social fraternities.

Cooperative education (co-op)
Education without real-life work experience is weak. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that students graduate with relevant skills and a healthy résumé. Our students spend four quarters over four years working in full-time positions with businesses and nonprofit organizations around the world. Learn to think critically, contribute, lead, find answers, raise questions, and make professional connections—all skills best learned outside the classroom. Whether you see yourself working in public policy in Washington, D.C.; doing environmental restoration in Hawaii; or working as a green building consultant in California, the adventure is within your reach at Antioch.

Horace Mann Fellowship
If you are accepted to Antioch, it means you possess the intellectual fortitude, work ethic, and progressive attitude to succeed. It also means you are eligible to apply for the prestigious, merit-based Horace Mann Fellowship. College is an investment, but we are committed to making an Antioch education accessible. It’s worth it. If you’re ready to identify problems, articulate solutions, and help manifest positive change, apply now for the greatest adventure of your life. You don’t have to know all the answers, but it starts with asking the right questions.




• Antioch is the only liberal arts institution in the nation to require a comprehensive, credit-earning, off-campus cooperative work program for all students.

• Students are partners in developing the governance structure of the institution.

• 100% of tenure-track faculty have doctoral or terminal degrees.

Antioch College is in Yellow Springs, Ohio, an eclectic village of 3,800. It is adjacent to the 1,000-acre Glen Helen Nature Preserve (home of the yellow spring, after which the village is named), with a 23-mile network of hiking trails. It also borders
the 73-mile-long Little Mimi Scenic Bike Path. Downtown Yellow Springs offers unique, independently owned shops, gourmet restaurants, and a lively arts scene. It’s about 30 minutes from downtown Dayton and 45 minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Bachelor of Arts
• Anthropology
• History
• Literature
• Media Arts
• Performance
• Philosophy
• Psychology
• Political Economy
• Self-Designed Major
• Visual Arts

Bachelor of Science
• Biomedical Science
• Environmental Science
• Self-Designed Major

Financial Aid and Scholarships
An Antioch education should be accessible and affordable. Students admitted for the fall of 2017 may apply for the prestigious merit-based Horace Mann Fellowship that covers the cost of half of tuition—around $16,000. Students may also be eligible for a wide variety of merit- and need-based scholarships that can offset the remaining costs of attending.

Application Deadlines
• Early Decision: November 15
• Regular Decision: February 1