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Undergrad Profile

Elmira College is among the finest private colleges that combine exceptional education in the liberal arts with quality pre-professional programs. The College’s Internship Program, ranked as the best in the nation, can connect you with some of the most prominent businesses and organizations in the country to gain the skills and experience that employers and graduate/professional schools actively seek. Additionally, the broad-based learning at Elmira College prepares graduates for a lifetime of success as leaders in all academic capacities.

Less than 11% of colleges and universities nationwide have a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society. Elmira College is proud to have had a chapter since 1940 and has been recognized as the most outstanding chapter four years in a row.  

The College’s enrollment of 1,200 includes students from 38 states and 20 countries. Fifty percent of the student body is from out of state, and 8% were valedictorians or salutatorians of their high school or prep school class.

The community
The city of Elmira, located in the southern tier and in close proximity of the Finger Lakes region of New York State, is large enough to be dynamic and diverse yet not so big that it is overwhelming. The proximity of Elmira College to the downtown section of the city offers the opportunity to venture off campus to shop, eat, or see live theatre whenever you want to—and without a car.

In addition to all of the amenities of metropolitan life, Elmira offers something more—breathtaking natural beauty. Skiing and swimming, fishing and hiking, sightseeing and cycling—these are all part of life at Elmira.

The academic program
Elmira College’s greatest educational asset may be its small size. Our student-faculty ratio is 11:1, and our average class size is 16. Students and faculty have the opportunity to work closely together in the classroom and on various research projects.

Each specialized academic program is built upon a foundation of general education in the liberal arts. This program places special emphasis on developing the analytical and communication skills required for success in college and the professional world.

The distinctive three-term academic calendar features a six-week term in April and May, Term III, when students may pursue travel abroad, student teaching, internships, or special on-campus courses. Elmira College encourages off-campus study and offers numerous programs that extend beyond the classroom.

Elmira’s full-time faculty have earned advanced degrees in their respective fields, and students can expect an exemplary learning experience. When talking to Elmira College students, it is common to hear them refer to professors both as respected teachers and as friends. One of the reasons these relationships grow is simply because the faculty are accessible. They enjoy being a part of campus life: advising students on both academic and personal matters; being available to go over a problem, concept, or theory after class until it is clear; attending plays, concerts, and athletic events; and eating in the dining hall.

Activities and athletics
More than 100 student organizations at Elmira College serve a wide range of student interests, and new groups form each year to satisfy changing needs. New students can look forward to receiving several invitations to join campus groups following the Activities Fair held each fall.

Elmira College is an independent member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference, the United Volleyball Conference, the New York State Women’s Athletic Association, and the Empire Eight Conference. Our Soaring Eagles compete successfully at the NCAA Division III level in the northeast and have won five national championships, three in women’s hockey, and two in cheerleading. 

Men’s intercollegiate teams compete at the varsity level in baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and volleyball; women’s teams include basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, field hockey, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Junior varsity teams include men’s and women’s basketball and ice hockey.

After Elmira
Two indicators of the quality of any college’s academic programs are the graduate schools students are admitted into and the professional positions offered to its alumni. Elmira College graduates have achieved an outstanding success rate in gaining acceptance into graduate or professional schools
or securing employment.

Financial aid and honor scholarships
Students of exemplary academic backgrounds are considered for a variety of merit-based scholarships at Elmira College, starting at $8,000 per year for four years of study. Additionally, financial assistance is available to students who demonstrate financial need, including state and federal grant and loan programs. Elmira College encourages all students interested in applying for financial assistance to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).




A student at Elmira may earn a baccalaureate degree in any one of the following majors:

• Accounting
• Adolescence Education
• American Studies
• Art*
• Biology*
• Biochemistry
• Business Administration
• Chemistry*
• Childhood Education
• Childhood Special Education
• Classical Studies
• Clinical Laboratory Science
• Community Health and Wellness Education
• Criminal Justice
• Economics
• English Literature*
• Environmental Science
• Finance
• Foreign Languages*
- French
- Spanish

• General Studies
• History*
• Human Services
• Individualized Studies
• International Studies
• Mathematics*
• Music
• Nursing
• Philosophy and Religion
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Social Studies*
• Sociology and Anthropology
• Speech and Hearing**
• Speech and Language Disabilities
• Theatre

Secondary Education certification may be obtained in these majors.
**Teacher Certification in Education of Speech and Hearing Handicapped may be obtained.

Pre-law, pre-medical, and many other pre-professional tracks can be accomplished through several programs.

Army and Air Force ROTC are available.

Admission Tip: Although interviews are not required, applicants who have one improve their chances of being accepted.