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All the arts, only the arts

All the arts, only the arts
UArts is one of the nation’s only universities dedicated exclusively to the visual arts, design, dance, music, theater, and creative writing. 

The University of the Arts brings together creative individuals of every kind—visual artists, designers, actors, dancers, musicians, multimedia artists, screenwriters, filmmakers, creative writers, and more—in an environment that champions innovation, exploration, artistic risk-taking, and the crossing of boundaries. Established in 1876, the University has developed an innovative, flexible approach to developing artists, designers, and writers that is unlike any other.

A close-knit, vibrant community located at the heart of the nation’s fifth-largest city, UArts is a place where students develop as artists and creative leaders, developing new ways of expression and influence in a world where the need for creative thinkers has never been greater.

Collaborate with artists from every discipline
Unique to the UArts experience, all students complete our Common Curriculum, meaning you’ll share ideas and classes with designers, actors, musicians, dancers, and makers of every description. The University’s 1,800 students and 500 faculty members interact in an environment that provides a dynamic and innovative learning experience. University of the Arts faculty members are top working artists who challenge, inspire, and mentor. They create an exciting, interactive environment for students, creating bonds as mentors and guides that are unique to UArts and last long after graduation. This synergy is a key to the University’s success in helping aspiring artists, designers, performers, and writers develop their creativity and find rewarding careers.

Discover all your possibilities
UArts offers not only 30 undergraduate majors but more than 30 minors across disciplines, allowing painters to also be guitarists, dancers to be sculptors, actors to be poets, and musicians to be designers—among countless other combinations. The range of disciplines and projects our students engage in while at UArts fuels their creative life after UArts.

Students graduate from the University of the Arts prepared to achieve success and make their marks on the world around them. Filmmakers and screenwriters are working in New York and Los Angeles. Dance alumni appear everywhere from internationally renowned dance companies to Broadway. Designers and animators have gone on to start their own firms or work in top advertising agencies and major film companies. Multimedia artists and industrial designers often receive job offers before they graduate. Musicians record and perform professionally. And many graduates find successful careers in a wide range of fields, propelled by the creative skills developed at UArts.

It’s all here in Philly
Located in Philadelphia, UArts exists as a vibrant and vital component of the local creative economy but also affords students opportunities for learning and experiences beyond the city limits. Less than a two-hour train ride to New York City and less than three to Washington, D.C., UArts’ central location provides students the ability to visit museums, galleries, theaters, artist studios, and venues along the entire Northeast Corridor. Our proximity has enabled students to complete field work and internships in prominent institutions and performance venues from Boston to D.C. From local institutions like the Library Company of Philadelphia, WRTI Radio, the Philadelphia Zoo, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Chris’ Jazz Cafe to partners farther afield like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Baltimore Aquarium, the National Gallery, and the National Park Service, our students are immersed in their field from the very beginning.

Whether you’re looking to dive deeply into your artistic discipline or to broaden your creative skill set, find your place on the “Avenue of the Arts”—Philly’s main artery and cultural heart, home to innumerable performance venues, art galleries, and museums, with the University of the Arts as a primary anchor.

Context is everything
Countless art institutions and activities lie within easy walking distance of the UArts campus. In fact, Philadelphia has been rated as one of the top five most walkable cities in the United States, meaning you’ll have everything from the world-renowned museums and performance venues to hundreds of galleries, cafés, clubs, and makerspaces just steps away. Events like the Philadelphia Film Festival and the Fringe Arts Festival, along with institutions like Chris’ Jazz Club and the Philadelphia Ballet, bring international talent to Philadelphia year-round. Philly is also home to 63 parks full of hiking, biking, and jogging trails and one of the largest urban park systems; it features more public art than any other American city; it’s the city John Coltrane called home; it birthed Philly Soul, BalletX, Hall & Oates, The Roots, and Santigold; and more than 200 movies and TV shows have been filmed here.

With all that activity, Philadelphia is not only a great place for artists to learn and grow but to work as well. And its location at the center of America’s “culture corridor” means that New York City and Washington, D.C., are just a short car, bus, or train ride away. For students who arepassionate, who can’t imagine not painting or designing or dancing, the University of the Arts helps them imagine the future of the creative arts and design and prepares them for fulfilling careers in whatever fields they choose.

At UArts your creativity is unlimited.