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At St. Lawrence we pride ourselves in experience as well as education. Our liberal arts mentality encourages us to reach outside our comfort zone. This creates more well-rounded individuals capable of taking on the world. Here, five of us share our stories.
by margot nitschke ’16 and jake st. pierre’16

Engagement opportunities
“Clubs and activities are the way to socialize and experiment with your interests in college. For me, organizations are a really big part of getting involved on campus.”

And Jasmin Coates ’17 uses that to her full capability. She is involved in Graceful Movements, Black Student Union, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Yoga Club, and Singing Sinners.

“The SLU student is typically involved in a lot and has very diverse interests. That’s what brings us together as a community: we have so much to bring to the table.”

We have over 170 clubs, teams, and organizations on our campus—everything from Knitting Club to Habitat for Humanity. You can even start your own club.

“It’s easy for a first-year student to get involved, starting with the club and organization fair in the fall. We have everyone out there vouching for their clubs and encouraging you to join.”

Off-campus opportunities
Jake: I chose to live in New York City as part of the Business in the Liberal Arts major, which requires an off-campus experience. I worked two internships, one as a marketing intern at ATO Records and another as a development intern at the Big Apple Circus. I also took three classes at the French Institute and attended networking events where I got the chance to speak with alumni. The program taught me the essentials of functioning in a professional work environment, time management, and how to live independently.

Margot: I studied on a St. Lawrence–affiliated program in Denmark and saw environmentalism from a European perspective. In a country filled with wind turbines, Danes find a way for environmental solutions to simply make sense. Meeting with community partners, living with a host family, and taking a Danish language course allowed me to become integrated into the culture. We got to travel with our class for two weeks to learn about culture across the country. The program taught me the importance of looking at things from a different angle.

Research opportunities
Matt Monhart ’16 is conducting summer research on campus, through a fellowship awarded by the Endocrine Society. “I am working with tadpoles (Xenopus labus) that are albino, so we can measure their external as well as internal features without damaging them. A key point in my research is administering hormones that occur naturally in the body as well as hormones that are upregulated due to outside pesticides.”

Matt describes his research experience at St. Lawrence as a type of guided independence. “You get the help that you need, and you also have the independence to do the work and all the experiments by yourself.”

We asked Matt about the advising role that faculty play at St. Lawrence. “Students definitely have good relationships with their professors. You can actually go to their office and have a conversation with them, whether it is about their particular class or something that interests you.”

Residential opportunities
St. Lawrence has some really creative living options, of which Carli Baldwin ’16 has taken advantage. Our theme houses provide a community space for five to 25 students living together, joined by a common theme.

We asked Carli why she initially wanted to be a part of the theme house community.

“I’ve always been interested in performing arts and music and theater, so I thought it was really awesome that a group of people were brought together by a common cause.”

Having lived in the Arts Annex (a performing arts house) for four semesters, she told us about some of her favorite aspects. “The community in the theme house is very suited to me. I know everyone in my house and we are constantly planning activities together, having house dinners, and rebuilding our mission statement. It’s great to have a family of friends that are not necessarily my closest friends but people I can connect with immediately based on mutual interests.”

The St. Lawrence experience is multifaceted, leading to an excited and versatile student body. We’ve diversified our interests and broadened what it means to have a liberal arts education. There is no limit to what success can look like here at SLU.




Founded: April 3, 1856, as the first continuously coeducational institution of higher education in New York State

Location: Canton, New York

Enrollment: 2,414 undergraduates and 92 graduate students from 45 states and 46 countries

Liberal Arts Curriculum: 37 majors and 40 minors; 30% of students double or combine majors; 50% of students graduate with at least one minor.

Individualized Attention: Average class size is 16 students; student-faculty ratio of 11:1.

Success: Placement rate for the Class of 2013 was 97%.

Residential Life: Guaranteed housing all four years, and 98% of students live on campus. Upper-class housing options include suites, theme houses, Greek houses, senior townhouses, and off-campus apartments.

Athletics: 32 varsity sports at the NCAA Division I, III, and non-divisional levels; 29% of students participate in intercollegiate athletics; 66% are members of club and intramural teams.

Global Campus: 60% of students participate in an off-campus program for one semester or longer. Students can choose from 18 international programs and five domestic programs.

SLU Students: Dynamic, passionate, welcoming, curious, social scholars