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An Inside Look

Why Rome?
Rome is the inspiring classroom for the on-site learning elements of our programs and the ideal location to pursue graduate study in the above subjects, given the wealth of artistic, cultural, and academic resources available that provide unique opportunity for study, research, and internships. Start your road to Rome now: apply at

The American University of Rome is a liberal arts university providing students with the tools needed to succeed in the 21st century.

AUR’s M.A. programs have a 15- month duration, with the start of term in the fall. The tuition fee is €13,000/$17,550. All courses are taught in English.

AUR’s graduate programs offer the best of the American interdisciplinary approach to learning and student-centered education. Benefiting from small classes, AUR’s graduate students receive personal attention and are involved in collaborative research and study groups. On completion of their graduate studies, they will earn an American-accredited master’s degree, enabling them to pursue a professional career path or to continue toward a Ph.D.

The University’s highly qualified international faculty create mentor-like relationships with their students, guiding them in developing their career and research goals from the beginning of their course of study and beyond.
M.A. in Food Studies (36 credits)
The M.A. in Food Studies is an interdisciplinary program for students and professionals interested in learning how we affect the Earth’s resources with our food choices. The study of food offers unique lenses for analyzing the multiple connections between the physical world of production, its sustainability, its economic and political dimensions, and the social and cultural dimensions of consumption.

Students will acquire transferable skills related to research, the business of food, and communicating about food through various media. They will benefit from living in what is known as the world’s global food hub—Rome—learning about food production and consumption and gaining unique opportunities for internships, professional contacts, and access to high-caliber international experts as guest speakers and visiting professors.

M.A. in Sustainable Cultural Heritage (39 credits)
Designed to fill the gap between the humanistic approach to cultural heritage and the business and management side, this program aims to build a new breed of professionals in the heritage field by offering graduates in the liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences the opportunity to acquire the appropriate business skills that will enable them to capitalize upon their previous grounding in art, history, and culture.

Students will be trained to face the most important challenge in the heritage industry today—its long-term viability—and will develop their management and business skills needed to work worldwide.

Rome is at the center of debates about global heritage. With major international organizations in the city, as well as the greatest concentration of heritage monuments and works, there is nowhere else in the world a student can be better prepared for a career in this field.

M.A. in Religious Studies (36 credits)
With a curriculum of history of religion, institutional development, teachings, and on-site practices, students will focus on one or more various influential religious traditions in Rome, from ancient Etruscan and Roman religions to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Central to this program is the study of religious art and architecture.

Students will obtain knowledge and skills necessary to understand and work in the areas of religious traditions in modern society; religion, conflict, and crises; and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. The combination of class discussions, exploration of Rome’s valuable archives and libraries, and on-site classes creates a unique study experience in one of the world’s most important religious and cultural cities.

M.A in Arts Management (36 credits)
AUR’s Arts Management graduates will acquire the necessary tools to be highly effective at the working interface between artistic creativity and sound business practice. Our students will immerse themselves in Rome and Italy’s abundance of museums and cultural resources, benefiting from AUR’s access to major artistic and cultural institutions. This degree entails the possibility to study some of the world’s oldest private collections and a system of patronage in the arts specific to Italy. Students will have the opportunity to conduct their research and internships in centuries-old Roman and Italian arts institutions, which manage some of the world’s most prestigious collections. This creates an optimal academic experience and study environment for students’ personal and professional growth.



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