Think you know every college out there? Think again. Here are some diamonds in the rough from The Constitution State.

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  • Fairfield University (Fairfield, CT): The college exemplifies the Jesuit commitment to academic excellence with its strong liberal arts and preprofessional education (engineering, business, and nursing). Many students are engaged in service. The beautiful and safe campus is less than a one-hour train ride to New York City.
  • Mitchell College (New London, CT): The Learning Resource Center provides one of the best learning disabilities support programs and administrators in the U.S.
  • Quinnipiac University (Hamden, CT): Formerly a sleepy, local commuter school, Quinnipiac has come alive with extensive new facilities, a unique polling institute that has put it on the map, a modern school of communications, a rejuvenated law school, and an extensive expansion of housing to move it into a seven-day experience. The result has been dramatic improvement of student body, facilities, sports teams, and school spirit. Yes, connect me!
  • Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT): In an area with a considerable Catholic population, parents put a high priority on the prestige that they feel a Catholic college conveys. Obviously, the gold standard in New England is Boston College, but Sacred Heart is still in New England and carries the "Catholic brand." It is considered to be a good school--both students and parents view it favorably--and it has had a perceived bump in prestige with its recent inclusion in the Princeton Review's The Best Colleges. Sacred Heart would be an opportunity for a "good, but not great" student to be a big fish in a little pond, doing well academically and standing out, and enhancing the prospect of getting into a good grad school, if that's a goal. Yes, connect me!
  • University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT): Overlooked by those who apply to Boston University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, etc., this is a great engineering program and a campus with growing pride, spirit, and SAT scores. Yes, connect me!
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