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4 Ways to Market Yourself to a University

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Getting into the college is becoming more and more competitive, but these simple steps will help you impress the admission officer. All you have to do is “market” yourself by sharing what makes you, you!

4 Ways to Market Yourself to a University

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1. Look up the school’s motto

You want to start by researching what your schools believe in, whether it’s having a good status in their community or the highest educational standards. When you sit down with or contact the admission officer, be sure to communicate your views and tie them into the college’s beliefs.

2. Be real

If you meet the admission officer face to face, greet them with a genuine smile and a firm handshake—both say a lot about a person. If they ask you a question about a life experience and you’re not sure how to answer, it is okay to say “I haven’t experienced that,” but then branch off into another topic that will impress them, like how you’ve held a part-time job since eighth grade or how achieved your reading goal for the year. It can help open up a subject that expresses more of who you are, and they won’t be fazed by you not knowing how to answer their previous question. Most importantly, don’t make things up or try to be someone you’re not. They want you to be you and express your individuality through conversation.

3. Highlight what you love

It is important to express what you love to do, as much as makes sense. (You don’t want to keep bringing up your favorite video game when they’re trying to ask you about your toughest classes.) The admission officer wants to get to know you, and the best way to do just that is to be yourself. If you have done community service or an internship, make sure to tell them about your experience and how it helped you find their school, become interested in a major, or just motivated to do something.

4. Have an “elevator pitch”

An elevator pitch is a term used to express a summary of key points, something that you could deliver on the spot, in a single elevator ride, to your potential boss or another VIP. Your admission elevator pitch should be a summary of at least three important topics, which set you apart from other perspective students. It could be a sports award, meeting someone important who sparked your interest in an academic subject, or a club you started at school. Anything that describes your personality and shows the admission officer what you love to do or feel passionately about is a good way to give them a clearer picture of your character.

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