The Lifelong Impact of High School Sports


Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017

Leadership. Teamwork. Determination. That experience on the field is more valuable than you think.

When I spoke to Dave Wannstedt a few weeks ago, he mentioned how valuable high school sports were for developing people who can succeed off the field in the professional world.

There is life after high school sports. For many former athletes who know the value of dedication and teamwork, it’s often a very successful life. The LA Daily News had an interesting piece over the weekend about the lives of many different high school sports stars, and their success after athletics.

As mentioned in the article, some former California high school stars have gone on to become doctors, chiropractors, record producers, and a host of other interesting careers.

Sports journalism is also a career path for some former high school athletes. Though he’s still in high school, it looks like it could be Karl Golombisky’s ticket to success. This article talks about his transition from the basketball court to the editorial page.

As such, it saddens me when I read stories like this, talking about how there are fewer students participating in sports because of the incumbent costs associated with them. I realize there are complexities involved with school funding and budgets, but can’t there be another solution besides forcing kids to pay money they don’t have just to be involved in a sport?

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