The Man Behind the Blog: Somebody Does That?!

We spoke to Donald K. Sherman, the man behind the popular career blog "Somebody Does That?!"

Assistant Editor, Online Specialist, Carnegie Communications

Originally Posted: Jan 18, 2013
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2013

There are some unique careers out there that require no specific major, no particular career background—they make you wonder, “How on earth does someone get that job?” That thought process was part of the reason why Donald K. Sherman started “Somebody Does That?!”, a blog that talks to those that have managed to work in those unique careers.

Sherman started the blog from three experiences: his work mentoring young people, his own personal path to becoming a lawyer, and his meeting three museum designers randomly, which made him think, somebody does that?

He has spoken to some people with interesting jobs so far, including a comedy writer, a foreign services officer, and many more. And here’s the good news: Donald is sharing his blogs with CollegeXpress to introduce you to the unique people he has met, so stay tuned!

He recognized how so many students, and even adults beyond college, go through the experience of figuring out what to do with their career. Even as adults enter their intended job field, they may often find they no longer want to follow their original path, or that the career they pursued was different than they expected.

“One of my goals is to help young people feel more comfortable with the unknown,” Sherman says. “There’s pressure . . . and a sense of urgency if you don’t really know what to do.” He added that through his own experience, through people featured on his blog, and through his own mentors, he has learned that very few people know exactly what they want to do at 20 or 30 years old. But for many, including Sherman himself, it can be one random thing that happens to lead a person down a particular career path. For him, it started with a fifth grade field trip to a mock Supreme Court, where he realized he wanted to go into law. That career was solidified when he met with a friend who essentially connected him with the job he has—and enjoys—right now.

What he has tried to do through his blog is present a wide range of people: men and women from all different kinds of cultural and educational backgrounds. Sherman also wanted to show that there isn’t one direct path to a given career field, but rather, multiple backgrounds, experiences, and passions that can lead to a particular job.

“There are interesting careers out there for everyone,” he says. “The goal for me is to broaden people’s horizons and make success more open to everyone. I hope profiling a diverse range of people and presenting more than one person with a similar interesting job, that I can present a fullsome story.”

It is, of course, pointed to have a career blog in a time when the job economy is so competitive. But Sherman addressed this, noting that many of the people he’s spoken to have found what they’re doing during these difficult times. There are many possibilities out there, many of which aren’t often considered in the career search!

“I think sometimes it’s as simple as reading about someone or knowing about someone that took a risk similar to one you’re contemplating,” he says, adding that there are bigger things to take away from these stories, like taking risks even when wary. “I don’t think it takes a lot to inspire someone to find their greatness.”

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Catherine Seraphin

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