Skills You Really Do Use in the Workplace

You're always told about the importance of learning certain skills to use in your future. Our career blogger shows how exactly these skills are used in the workplace.

It seemed that all through my schooling, I was told about the importance of learning certain skills that I would use all through my life. Recently, I realized just how useful it was to learn these skills, particularly prioritizing, time management, teamwork, and being proactive.


Career Skills When you’re working, it’s rare that you will only be given one task at a time. Various people will give you projects to complete, and it’s up to you to prioritize your tasks. You need to figure out what you need to do and when you need to do it. I recommend making a list in the order necessary to complete the tasks, and to check off each one after completion. It’ll help you stay organized and feel accomplished.

Also, don’t be afraid to inform your coworkers of your other projects and to ask them for a deadline if you need some more structure. Open communication is key in the workplace.

Time management

It’s important to manage your time well in the office. It can be easy to get sucked into one task and not realize how much time has passed. Make a conscious effort to set aside a certain block of time that you think it will take to complete that task, and do your best to complete it within that time. Avoid distractions and be sure to focus, but allow yourself to take breaks, as it will help your mind get back on track and will make you more productive in the end.


Rarely do people complete tasks alone in the office environment. At one point or another during almost every project there is collaboration, whether it is from the onset, partway through the project, or at the end, in terms of feedback and revision. Learn to work well with others and to value their opinions. Bounce ideas off each other and go to them with questions.

Being proactive

In order for you to stand out as an employee, you want to be proactive. Just as being part of discussions in the classroom shows professors you are taking an active part in class, speaking up in the workplace will show your employer that you really value your job and are invested in it. If you have a good idea or suggestion, bring it up. It will make you stand out—in a good way. If you think you could benefit from a meeting with some coworkers, set it up. Don’t sit back and wait for things to come to you . . . take on tasks yourself and show how enthusiastic you are.

Taking the time to really solidify these skills throughout your schooling will prepare you well for when the time comes to start your career.

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About Kristen Fackler

Kristen Fackler

Kristen is a May 2011 graduate of Elon University, with a bachelor of science in English and Spanish. While at Elon, Kristen had the opportunity to complete a lot of writing and editing, two areas she has always been passionate about. At the Writing Center, she worked as a consultant with peers and community members to improve their writing skills. She also worked as an editor of Visions, an environmental magazine published by Elon faculty and students. While in college, Kristen was able to spend a semester in Seville, Spain. During the time she was there, Kristen was able to keep a blog in Spanish. She also was published in más+menos* magazine, a bilingual magazine completed by students and faculty members of CIEE Study Center. Kristen has also written for Examiner and is currently writing for Suite101. She enjoys writing as much as possible.


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