Friends and the Power of Study Buddies

As is usually the case, most of your friends will be made spontaneously. You will share a common interest like sports, music, movies, whatever. You will hit it off, and a friendship will be formed.

There is one group of friends, however, you should seek out. These are study buddies or other people who can help you with your studies. They may end up being friends, or they may stay in the “support team” category. Your relationship with them will be mutually beneficial in one way or another.

No one knows everything, and even if you were a star student in high school, you will find that some of your classmates have a better understanding of particular subject than you do. These people can be a wonderful resource, and they are almost always willing to share what they know, as long as you are genuine and do not try to take advantage of their help.

And don’t be afraid of potential study buddies turning you down. People love to be recognized for things they are good at! By asking other people for help, you are recognizing their ability. Another reason is simple collegiality. For the most part, we like working in groups, although some people like it more than others. A third reason is because explaining or discussing something with you helps the other person understand it better.

Find some dependable study friends. They will be different people in different classes. When you study together, be sure that you contribute something. Don’t let other people do all the work. If you share notes, be sure to take thorough notes. If someone misses class, do your best to help them catch up. Be willing to share what you know, and work as a team. Not only will you do better in the class, but you will be learning how to work cooperatively, which is one of the most important life skills.

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