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22 Apps to Help You Get Through Finals...and Still Have Fun

Senior Assistant Editor, Scholarship Manager, Wintergreen Orchard House

Congratulations—all that stands between you and a nice, long vacation are a few pesky finals! And with these handy apps at your disposal, the time (and stress) will fly by.

To do well on your final exams, you need to:

Be organized

Upload your study plan and everything you’re planning to do in the next two weeks to any of these time/task management applications, and you’ll be ready to ace those exams.

  • Trello: Lets you organize your tasks into boards so you can see what you need to do, what you've done, and everything in between.
  • Easilydo: It's like having your own personal assistant who manages your online accounts, gives you reminders, and helps you complete tasks on time.
  • Wunderlist: Create to-do lists and share them with your partners when you're forced to do group projects. 
  • Manage your projects and sync them across all your devices so you can access them anywhere.

Study hard

  • StudyBlue: Create your own flashcards, review sheets, and quizzes. This app will keep track of what you get right and give you a grade at the end of your session. All-in-one resource for your studying needs.
  • iformula: Have a crazy math test coming up? You know, one with only three questions that will take you three hours to complete? This app will hone your formula skills.

Write a good paper

  • Having the entire English language at your fingertips is not too shabby, not to mention a medical dictionary, science dictionary, and translator of over 30 languages. Just a great guide to always have handy when writing that paper.
  • EasyBib: Never write another bibliography again. Scan the barcode of the book you’re using and a citation will magically appear for you to copy over to your paper.
  • WriteRoom: Distraction-free writing. Think of cleaning your whole computer screen off and only seeing your paper. Dark Room is for the Windows crowd.
  • SimpleMind: We all write a little differently. This app creates a spider web that will help brainstorm and collect ideas.

Be a good teammate 

If you have to write a group paper or put a project together, these apps will make your life a little easier. You can also bring in some of the organization apps above that you can sync up with your group so everyone knows exactly who’s doing what, when, and where.

  • Dropbox: Upload photos, documents, and other files and access them on any device. 
  • Google Drive: Access and edit your spreadsheets, Word docs, presentations, and other files anywhere by storing them on the cloud.
  • Fetchnotes: Share notes with your group members and keep them organized with our favorite thing: hashtags!

Not procrastinate

  • SelfControl: Block yourself from all of those distracting websites by setting a timer. When the timer hits zero, you’ll be allowed back on those sites. Also check out StayFocused and LeechBlock.
  • Unstuck: Figure out why you’re procrastinating (which, when you think about it, might just be procrastinating more, but whatevs) and how to get yourself back in the study groove.
  • RescueTime : Where on earth does all of your time go? This app tracks every site you go to and how much time you’re spending on them. Maybe actually seeing it in a nice report, you’ll believe it!

And to not go insane

  • The Ugly Dance: Upload a funny selfie to create your character and customize your dance moves with a few clicks. Nothin’ like a few good laughs in between study sessions.
  • Heads Up! In a little study slump? Get your creative juices flowing with a few friends and play Ellen Degeneres’s favorite game.
  • T.V.: Finals week leaves you with limited TV time. This app tells you what’s on TV right now, lets you set alerts for your favorite shows, and gives you access to on-demand content through Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon when you need a break from the books. 

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Megan Gibbs

Megan is the Assistant Director of Online Marketing and Analytics Carnegie Communications, where she has worked since graduating from Merrimack College in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in communication. When not daydreaming about winning an Emmy or Oscar as a screenwriter, she spends her days working as Wintergreen’s editor for colleges and universities in the Southeast and building their scholarship database. As an avid sports fan and high school athlete herself, Megan not only looks forward to all Boston sports seasons, but also can't wait to root for her younger sister as she begins her Merrimack College softball career as a catcher this upcoming fall. She hopes to provide a fun and unique look at college and university-level athletics from March Madness, scholarships, and recruitment to intramurals and athletic culture! 

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