Forgotten Majors Series: What Can I Do with a Political Science Degree?

This 10-part series will look at those forgotten majors: the ones that do not seem to have job fairs, the ones that people ask, "What will you do with that?" Today, we look at a political science degree.

This 10-part series will look at those forgotten majors: the ones that do not seem to have job fairs, the ones that people ask, “What will you do with that?” and the ones that students themselves ask, “I like the subject, but what do  I do with my degree now?”

Likes learning about other countries.

Enjoys following politics.

Enjoys following current events and historical events.

Likes arguing and taking a stance on heated issues.

If this describes you, a degree in political science might be the best match for you. Political science majors are well-versed in current issues that span the globe, and are well-rounded, cultured individuals that want to make a different in the lives of the public.

Campaign officer/organizer

For those students who really enjoy following the political campaigns and presidential races, a job in campaign work might be the answer. Campaign officers help manage campaign procedures, plan campaign events, and implement protocols. The campaign manager ensures that all processes are followed according to regulation.


A career in law can be a great alternative to political science majors who wish to make a difference, take a stance, and help others. Attorneys and lawyers are able to help create change and order in the world by enacting laws and prompting the judicial system to provide accurate justice. 

Grant writer

Political science majors can also consider a career in grant writing. Grant writing allows political science majors to showcase their enhanced ability to logically organize and present an argument that is effective and able to provide enough information to prove a point. Grant writing allows participants to write effective proposals to acquire monetary resources and other necessities for organizations, corporations, or government departments.

Public affairs

Companies and organizations often depend on public affairs professionals to help influence decisions made by government officials (also known as lobbying), to assess the impact of legislative proposals on a organization’s operations, and to track major policy trends of importance to a company. Though public affairs is a broad field, it often involves maintaining relationships with external constituents, such as the government, stakeholders, and the media.

International relations

For political science majors that are interested in foreign politics and policies, there’s vast opportunity in international relations. With the growth in companies outsourcing to foreign countries, there’s a high demand for employees to act as the liaison between a local organization, and constituents involved in the management and politics of office locations overseas. 

Skills Political Science Majors Have:

  • Reasoning skills
  • Debate skills
  • Political structure understanding
  • Knowledge of current political issues

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