What College Major Should You Pick Based On Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

Presenting an extremely scientific and useful approach to picking a college major: your Halloween candy preferences.

Presenting an extremely scientific and useful approach to picking a college major: your Halloween candy preferences. (Okay, if you want some more legit college major advice, go here.)

PS We did some of your college research for ya: all of the majors are linked to colleges and universities that offer them! That's almost as good as trick-or-treating in a neighborhood that gives out full-sized candy bars.

  • Oh Henry: English/Literature. Because literary references are so sweet.
  • Red Hots: Fire Science. Because if you can handle the heat of these fiery little candies, you can handle anything.
  • Nerds: Computer Science. Because, in today’s tech-centric society, nerds will inherit the earth!
  • Chocolate sampler: Liberal Arts. Because you want to try a little bit of everything!
  • Gummy worms: Entomology. Because if creepy crawlies in your mouth don’t scare you, nothing will.  
  • Tootsie Roll: Dance. Because you probably follow it up with a Twist.
  • Ring Pop: Fashion. Because you can make anything fashionable.
  • Milky Way: Astronomy. Because that gooey caramel and nougat takes you to another galaxy.
  • Hershey’s chocolate: History. Because you appreciate one of the most iconic candy bars from a historic confectioner.
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: Culinary Arts. Because you know a good flavor combo when you taste it.  
  • Sour Patch Kids: Education. Because you love working with children, whether they're sour or sweet. 
  • Candy corn: Agriculture. Because you could grow the real thing on your future farm.
  • Tootsie Pop: Sociology. Because you’re into researching human behavior—just how many licks does it take?!
  • 100 Grand: Finance. Because even your taste in candy is rich!
  • Bazooka bubble gum: Military Science. Because you like your candy to pack a punch.
  • Sky Bar: Aviation. Because those four flavors help you take off.
  • Gummy bears: Veterinary Medicine. Because you know you eat them one little leg at a time, and, umm… that’s the kind of attention to detail your veterinary practice will benefit from?

Did we miss your favorite Halloween candy and/or preferred college major? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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