Dealing With Stress as a College Student: Advice and Fun Sites to Take a Break With

When you feel like you're about to tear your hair out, take a breath, and deal with your stress using the tips, advice, and resources below.

In college, there’s always more. More stuff to read, more people to see, more work to do.

There are classes and club meetings, rehearsals and practices, trying to find an off-campus apartment and trying to find work to pay for that off-campus apartment. Then they up the ante twice a year with midterms and finals. Oh, that test is 99.9% of my grade? No pressure.

So, yeah, college students are pretty stressed out. (And can you really blame them if they go a little crazy on the weekends . . . starting on Thursday?)

All of these things aren’t going to go away, nor is the stress of having to deal with them. But there are good ways and bad ways of handling stress. So when you feel like you’re about to tear your hair out—or maybe you already have, literally—take a breath, and deal with your stress using the tips and advice below. We also included our favorite sites for taking a five-minute break. Sometimes, that's all you really need.

How to handle college stress

The best sites for a five-minute break

  • College Humor: You knew what this was.
  • Animal Planet Live: Puppy cam! Need we say more?
  • Do Yoga With Me: Free yoga instructional videos will guide you through a nice little five-minute routine.
  • FreeRice: Blast through vocab words while supporting a great cause; every right answer is 10 grains of rice donated. It adds up. 
  • sporcle: “Mentally Stimulating Diversions.” More quizzes than you can shake a stick at, covering everything from pop culture to geography to “Scary Baby Names,” whatever that means. 
  • PostSecret: Lose yourself for five minutes as you pore over peoples’ deepest secrets—some funny, some super not funny, but always interesting.
  • stumbleupon: All it takes it one click to bounce through the best (and most random) bits of the Internet. The trick is knowing when to stop.
  • I Waste So Much Time: We don’t like to think of it as wasting time so much as we’re . . . umm . . . resting our brains.
  • Lunchtimers: Simple games with real-time opponents. Plus, you can doodle with them!
  • The Useless Web: It will take you to a website that serves no purpose whatsoever. Much like this one. And this. Okay, one more.   

Stress and your health

  • Energy Drinks: Harmful or Helpful? If someone were to tell you that energy drinks are similar to unfiltered cigarettes, would you still drink them? Consuming an excess of these sugary drinks combined with lack of sleep, stress, and alcohol is a dangerous combination.
  • Tips for Getting Better Sleep: Many college students have difficulty getting enough sleep, which can translate into undue stress and even poor grades. Here are a few tips to help you get the rest you need to succeed.
  • Being Mindful in Graduate School: It Just May Save Your Life: Grad school can get stressful, but learning to be more mindful can help take the edge off. Read on to learn how to slow down and calm your mind.
  • 8 Tips for Finding Balancing in College: Hi, overwhelmed, overworked, overtired college student. How are you holding up?
  • The Mental Health of a College Student: Student life is often a lighter topic. But a subject that is often overlooked is a big part of the student's life: mental health. Here are some tips to stay in tune with yourself and your mind.
  • Tips for Staying Healthy at College: Whether you are new to the world of college, or you have already spent a couple of years there, it's always a good time to consider how you are going to stay healthy while you are at college. Here are some simple tips for keeping yourself fresh and energized during the most exciting years of your life.

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