The Word is "Responsibility"

Educational Consultant, Research Psychologist, and Writer

Thankfully, there are not that many things that you have to do in order to stay on track, at least regarding personal responsibility. Showing up for class, paying attention, and doing your assignments on time are the tasks that most demonstrate your willingness to accept personal responsibility. Following school rules, behaving reasonably, and treating others with respect are other ways that you demonstrate responsibility.

By being responsible, you will make an interesting discovery: you will learn about things you are good at. You may have a sense of this already, but almost everyone is better at more things than they think. Acting responsibly in college will give you a chance to develop in surprising ways. The best example is what happens when you take a class because it is required. By paying attention and completing your assignments, you may discover that the content of the course is something that interests you. This new interest could help you choose a major, lead to a career, or simply become an avocation or hobby. In any case, your life will have been enriched because you behaved in a responsible way.

A surprising benefit of behaving responsibly is that you will be under less pressure in college. When you go to class, pay attention, and take good notes, you won’t have to scramble to find out what went on because you slept in. If you complete an assignment on Friday, and it isn’t due until the following Monday, you will enjoy the weekend more.

Another benefit of being responsible is that you won’t have to explain to anyone why you screwed up. You know how crummy you feel when you let someone down, so rather than suffering through this unpleasant feeling, do your best personally and academically in school.

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