20 Absolutely Necessary Things to Pack for College

Here's all the extremely necessary things you'll need to bring to school with you this fall in order to have an extremely productive (and not as broke) college life.

College starts up again soon, and with college comes much shopping! However, if you’re as broke as I am (and I know I’m not alone), you’re going to want to bring as little as possible (but as much as needed).

So, you’ll hear it here first: here’s all the extremely necessary things you’ll need to bring to school with you this fall in order to have an extremely productive (and not as broke) college life.

  1. Morning essentials. This includes toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, retainer, shaving cream, razor, deodorant, ChapStick, and feminine hygiene products (for the ladies, of course). Need I really explain why?
  2. Painkillers (like Tylenol) and any other needed meds. Headaches happen, people!
  3. Q-tips, hair ties, and cotton balls for small cosmetic needs.
  4. Shower stuff—hair products, soap, towels, and shower shoes. Linoleum showers are gross.
  5. Hairbrush.
  6. First aid kit, no matter how basic. You never know!
  7. Plenty of clothing. Warm, cold, and rainy. You’ll need it.
  8. Laptop and chargers, because technology is everything nowadays.
  9. Shout® wipes for minor stains, and Tide® pods for laundry! It’s that simple. Oh, and paper towels = endless usage.
  10. Hangers, because clothing will wrinkle.
  11. Umbrella!
  12. Water bottle for convenience, plus dishes (if you’re making your own meals).
  13. Mini-fridge and microwave, because munchies! (Not completely necessary but definitely recommended.
  14. Bedding set! You can find them for cheap at Walmart.
  15. Flash drive, because technology is unpredictable, and an Ethernet cable for more convenient Wi-Fi. Plus a power bank for anywhere phone charging.
  16. Book bag! It’s not just for high school.
  17. Stamps and stationary, because why not?
  18. Personal info like health insurance card and ID.
  19. Purse!
  20. Last and certainly not least, class supplies! These will be dictated by your schedules but include basic fare like loose-leaf paper, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, and textbooks. Bring books for pleasure reading too!

And that’s that! I tried to keep it all to the basic minimum. I hope this helps you move in with confidence when it’s time! #Classof2021takeflight

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