4 Places to Find Inspiration as a Student

You're sure to get into a positive state of mind for the upcoming school year with these inspired online resources.

No matter where you are in life—whether you are still in high school, getting ready for college, or transferring schools—we could all use a little inspiration in our lives. I have found the things that inspire my day-to-day activities often influence, and sometimes improve, my academic work. (That’s only an added bonus to the daily inspiration and positivity these things add to my life!) 

The start of the new semester will be here before you know it, so take advantage of these online resources and get a head start on having a positive state of mind for the upcoming school year.

1. CollegeXpress

Otherwise known as the reason you’re even reading this article! CollegeXpress has a huge amount of resources that make your post-secondary education decisions a lot easier, from financial aid help to college searches for both undergraduate and graduate schools. CollegeXpress also offers tips and tricks on student life, including stories and narratives all written by current students. Make sure to explore everything CollegeXpress has to offer—you never know what you’ll find. [Editor’s note: Thanks for the kind words, Darin!]

2. Levo League

I stumbled upon this website via Pinterest. Levo features articles, videos, guides, and more for career-minded millennials. It’s primarily targeted toward corporate-climbing women, but don’t fret, guys—a lot of advice is actually gender neutral. Their Instagram page is also constantly updated and uplifting. #MondayMotivation, anyone?

3. HerCampus

This site is one that I stumbled upon through Instagram (what does this say about my social media skills?). Sorry dudes, but HerCampus is actually an online magazine specifically for female students, whom they call collegiettes. The national writers focus on entertainment, politics, and fashion, as well as career women and their stories. Individual chapters, comprising of young women from certain schools, write about their local campus events, as well as the rest of what the national branch might cover. The site also has tips and tricks that you don’t often get taught at that résumé-writing workshop, like what certain dress codes really mean and tips to make a lasting impression at your internship.

4. Social media

My mom never understands why my phone is permanently glued to my hand, but social media is so much more than a follower count, some hashtags, and a few selfies. What I have been doing all year, and what anyone can do, is taking a close look at who and what I follow on social media. I try my best to not follow people I barely know or only know from the sixth grade. Instead I try to follow accounts that can inspire me or teach me. If it positively influences my thinking or has some relevance to my life, I feel better that it’s constantly on my timelines and news feeds.

A bonus resource: YouTube. It has so many resources for so many different people. There is a lot to discover, from TED Talks that cover a variety of topics, to study accounts, to whatever else you could think of. Start searching and get inspired! 

Check out any of these resources whenever you get a chance, and let us know what inspiration you can find in the comments!

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