Handling the Millennial Quarter-Life Crisis

Are you a "millennial"? If so, odds are you'll soon be facing the dreaded quarter-life crisis -- if you haven't already. Luckily, our friends at WickedSmart have some advice to help you stop and smell the roses.

Everyone has heard of the infamous “mid-life crisis." The cliché responses typically involve daring, "edgy" haircuts, sports cars, and/or age-inappropriate apparel (e.g., insane paisley button downs and bodycon dresses stretched to their limits). But to get to all that fun, we first have to experience our "quarter-life crisis," the journey through senioritis, entrance into the professional world, and the seemingly endless, angst-ridden search for a career and life partner. Here, Angie Grab from the team at WickedSmart shares her insights on this topic.

The quarter-life crisis is the stress, anxiety, and doubt we begin to feel when faced with the immediate prospect of entering adulthood. Speaking for many of us millennials nearing "entry": we’re feelin’ it.

Older generations probably think that we have it easy, but I disagree. "Millennial" is a downright bad word in some circles. Times are rough, both in the job market and economically. Not to mention the social standards that we feel pressured to meet and a big responsibility to keep up with technology that's constantly changing.

I'm sure Gen Xers questioned the direction their lives would take, but they were focused on looking for jobs that had stability, security, and balance. Our generation wants more than just a paycheck: we are actively looking for something more, in our jobs and our lives. We’ve all grown up with big dreams and high expectations for ourselves in what we wanted to do and how well we could do it.

As scary as this crisis period is, I think it’s a transition process we should revel in. This is our growth period; we are developing, progressing even, and it’s the time in our lives that we’ve all looked forward to since we were young. To the students that will soon be graduating and moving to new cities for jobs, you are leaving behind friends and family, memories, familiarity, security. Most importantly, you are leaving who you were in that place. You will learn so much about yourself as time goes on. Which is why we should marinate in this transition; let the questions of “I have no idea what I want to do with my life” guide us to where we want to be.

Whatever fear you may have or stress about the “what ifs,” let it flow over you. Focus on what you can control, work hard, and take everything day by day. This is an exciting time in our lives, and it's meant to be an adventure. We have the power to choose what to do with our lives and where we want to be; take it slow and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to the internship pros at WickedSmart for sharing this invaluable advice!

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