Recent Grad Eats 100 Burritos to Help Fraternity Brother Fight Cancer

A recent college grad went to stomach-testing lengths to help a friend in need this summer.

Anyone’s who’s ever eaten at Chipotle knows a single burrito can leave you feeling full for the better part of a day—or maybe even two days. So imagine eating one every single day for 100 days straight. It may sound like a dare or an exercise in gastronomical risk-taking, but it’s exactly what a recent college graduate did this summer.

Joe Gallo, a 22-year-old who recently graduated from Bowling Green State University, didn’t impose this challenge on himself because he really loves burritos (though you’d have to at least strongly like burritos in order to eat one every day). Rather, when he learned that Bret Grund, a fellow Bowling Green alumnus, was suffering from stage IV glioma (a type of brain cancer), he came up with an idea: he would launch a Go Fund Me campaign called the “Grund Fund” and eat 100 burritos in 100 days to raise money and awareness for his friend.

Gallo met Grund when they were fellow Pi Kappa Alpha members at Bowling Green. Grund graduated before Gallo, but when Gallo heard he was ill, he was eager to find a way to help his old pal. Speaking with Fox News, he said he thought Chipotle burritos would be attention-grabbing because “they’re huge and most people can’t finish a single one in a sitting.”

Gallo’s plan paid off. He started the campaign on May 21 and by mid-July he’d raised nearly $10,000. Gallo finished his hundredth burrito on August 29, and Elite Daily hosted a fundraiser in New York City to celebrate his accomplishment and raise additional funds. The Grund Fund is still going strong and has brought in nearly $4,000 more to help offset Grund's medical bills.

To help provide evidence of his daily burrito intake, Gallo posted pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #100DaysForGrundFund. In a video charting his final burritos, friends and family expressed their support for his efforts.

“I’m extremely proud,” says Gallo’s father in the video. “Couldn’t be prouder. The kid is absolutely amazing. He always has been, probably always will be.”

Grund chimed in via Skype to thank Gallo and his other friends and fraternity brothers for everything they’ve done. His story serves as an excellent reminder that, though the word "fraternity" conjures up images of Greek life, it also means "the state or feeling of friendship and mutual support within a group."

Grund recently underwent surgery and is currently recovering.

Have you ever done something out of the ordinary to help a friend in need? Share your inspiring story in the comments.

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