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3 Ways to Save Yourself from Stress This Semester

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The semester is fresh, and you’re not stressed—yet. Keep in mind that while midterms may seem like a long time away, they’ll sneak up on you faster than you expect. The next thing you know, you’ll find yourself frantically cramming for your exams or fervently writing a 10-page essay while simultaneously berating yourself for your lack of preparation.

It doesn’t need to be this way, guys! College doesn’t have to be ultra-stressful. It should be noted that stress causes all sorts of health detriments: according to Mayo Clinic, chronic stress can cause digestive problems, heart disease, and memory issues. Doesn’t sound too fun, huh? To help you get your semester on the right track, here are three techniques to keep you happy and healthy.

1. Use a planner

You didn’t realize that you had a chem exam tomorrow, until, oh, 11:30 p.m. the night before. Crap.

This can be easily avoided (and I mean easily) by use of a planner. Visit your college’s bookstore or any store that sells school supplies and you’re bound to find one you like. If you’re more tech-savvy, there are various apps you can download. Try myHomework Student Planner or ClassManager—Student School Schedule Planner & Assignment Homework Organizer (quite a mouthful, but an awesome app all the same). Both are free!

By penciling (or typing) in all of your academic and extracurricular obligations, you’re decreasing the chance of forgetting about a test, assignment, or club meeting. You’re more likely to prepare in advance, thus saving you from unnecessary stress. Plus, it promotes organization. Stick with a planner; you certainly won’t regret it.

2. Keep a consistent schedule

There’s nothing worse than staying up until the crack of dawn in an attempt to throw a project together for the next day’s class. Avoid this by setting a regular bedtime. Yep, you heard me right: a bedtime. Bedtimes aren’t just for first graders; they’re also for adults who need sufficient sleep time in order to function properly the following day. Try to shoot for between seven and nine hours.

Sleeping has many health benefits, including improved memory, decreased inflammation (inflammation can be linked to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and strokes), emotional stability, and hey, less stress! According to www.health.com, a particular study displayed that college students who didn’t get an adequate amount of sleep received worse grades than students who did.

By setting a bedtime (at least for the school week), you’re ensuring that you get your homework and studying done beforehand, which saves you from those wretched all-nighters—the absolute epitome of stress.

3. Work out

You’ve had a long day, and you’re feeling irritated—with your school work, your roommates, everything. Ugh.

The best thing to do in this situation? Work out! Exercise is a fantastic outlet for frustration, and the health advantages are endless. By exercising, you control your weight, build stronger bones, reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases, and boost your mood and energy, to name a few. It’s been proven that working out decreases stress by increasing the production of endorphins and deflecting emotions of depression.

There are so many different forms of exercise. Choose one you love, whether that’s shooting hoops with your friends, jogging a mile on the treadmill, or swimming laps in the pool. You’re bound to find something you enjoy. P.S. There’s nothing like a meal after a workout—food tastes significantly better.

Begin putting these stress-shrinking strategies into action today. You’ll immediately begin to notice positive results in every aspect of life: your schoolwork, your health, your extracurricular activities, even your friendships/relationships (less stress equals better moods). Give them a real shot, and embrace an improved lifestyle.

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