Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Many college students have difficulty getting enough sleep, which can translate into undue stress and even poor grades. Here are a few tips to help you get the rest you need to succeed.

Life at night tends to be pretty lively in college town, huh? Even during the weekdays! You may be having trouble grabbing Zzz’s—which can be particularly irksome the night before a huge exam. Don’t worry: CollegeXpress has your back. Here are three tips for getting sufficient sleep, even during the wildest nights at school.

1. Invest in a sound machine

Seriously, these babies are great—I can’t go a night without mine! Check out Amazon's selection (it’s not necessary to buy an expensive one; a cheaper sound machine will definitely do the job). There are a variety of sounds to choose from, ranging from white noise to tropical forest. Best of all, it will drown out the noise of your hallmates laughing loudly, bouncing a basketball, or throwing a dance party.

If you’re short on money at the moment, try downloading the free app Sound Sleeper on your phone. Pop in your headphones, choose a soothing sound, set the timer, and drift off to dreamland.

2. Try to avoid lengthy naps

It’s no secret that super long naps can totally keep you up at night. But if you’re feeling too tired to function during the day, do take a nap—but keep it short! According to, experts say that taking naps around 20–30 minutes long is good for your health and won’t keep you up at night. Sticking to power naps will keep your circadian rhythms aligned, and your nightly sleeps won’t suffer. One important side note: if you suffer from serious insomnia, try not to take any naps.

3. Use a sleeping mask

It’s a pain when you’re trying to sleep and your roommate is awake cramming and needs the light on. But this has an easy fix: buy a sleeping mask! Dream Essentials has a wide variety to choose from (some even come with earplugs!). If it’s dark, you’ll sleep way better. Bonus: the mask will help avert roommate feuds over the lighting.

If you’ve been getting poor sleep due to the nightly extravagances of college life, be sure to try these three tips. You’ll thank yourself in the morning when you’re not feeling like a total grump. - Sorry you're not getting enough sleep but be glad you don't have to stay up all night to avoid being eaten by predators.

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