How do I find the summer program that's right for me?

Jessica TomerJessica Tomer
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Like finding a college or university that fits, finding the coolest, best-summer-ever camp out there starts with a little self-reflection and research. Start by thinking about your goals. Are you looking for a more leisurely and fun experience or a true college preview?

While most summer camps for teens and young adults have plenty of leisure time and summer shenanigans, some have a much more academic focus, giving students a true college preview—especially designated pre-college programs! Others allow you to hike, study marine life, stage a theatrical production, etc. These camps are tons of fun while offering a glimpse of what life in a college outdoor recreation, marine biology, or drama program might be like.

Other camp questions worth asking: How long do you want the camp to last (all summer, a week, etc.)? Does the size of the camp matter? Do you want to travel or stay close to home?

After determining the type of summer program or camp you want, you need to decide which of your interests you wish to explore. And, truly, there’s a camp out there for practically any interest. Then, it’s just a matter of plugging your search criteria. We can even help you hit the ground running in your summer program search! Just enter your criteria here. You could also do a simple Google search; broad searches, like “music camps,” will yield thousands of results, so the more specific you can be, the better. You can ask your high school counselor for their recommendations for summer camps in the area as well.

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