What happens during pre-college summer camps?

Rhiannon Schade
Director of College Counseling
Collegewise of Millburn

It depends. At “camps,” there is often a curriculum or itinerary available that will give you an idea of what will happen while you are there. Many pre-college camps focus on one or two subjects and you will spend a lot of your time listening to lectures or lessons from experts in the field. Sometimes, you are asked to complete and individual or group assignment as part of the experience. This s to help you put theory into practice. Some programs also feature “field trips” to local attractions or even college campuses. Occasionally, pre-college programs will have a module on the college essay if it is geared for rising seniors. It’s generally a good idea to find a program that you are interested in and that is as hands-on as possible. Sitting in a classroom can be wonderful, but it is a fairly passive activity. Either way, before you sign up for a program, find out as much as you can about what it entails to ensure that it is a good fit for you.

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