Robert R. Neuman, Ph.D.

Bob Neuman, Ph.D., spent 25 years as a dean concentrating on student academic development at Marquette University. As Associate Dean of Academic Advising, he spent his professional life working one-on-one with thousands of college students, many of them in academic trouble, despite excellent high school grades and test scores. Listening to these students, he identified a set of common problems that defined student “un-readiness” to meet the academic demands of college. These problems formed the basis of the 12 strategies of his book aimed at younger students, Are You Really Ready for College? Here, he shares a few of his insights on what undermines college student success.

Dr. Neuman’s book is written with teens in mind and is filled with questionnaires, student stories, checklists, quick tips, and tactics. “Dr. Bob” talks to high school students, their parents, counselors, and teachers about how to use high school (or middle school) as a practice ground to sharpen the strategies that lead to success in college. To learn more, go to The book may be ordered on this website or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other online booksellers.