Terry Ward

Terry Ward is a life-long educator with 15 years of college admissions expertise. He has worked in three college admissions offices (Haverford, Emory, and Yale) and served as the Director of College Counseling at Concord Academy and The Masters School. Most recently, he was the Head of the Upper School at Brooklyn Friends School.

Terry has served as a member of the professional Ethics Committee of the New York State Association of College Admissions Counseling, led workshops for new counselors on writing college recommendations at the NYSA-CAC Summer Institute, and spoken on NACAC panels about forging links between college admissions and school counseling and on the counseling of international students. More broadly, Terry has served on two Middle States reaccreditation committees and was the chair of the self-study for reaccreditation at The Masters School.

Terry earned his B.A. from Haverford College. In addition, he has earned a Master of Divinity, magna cum laude, from Emory University, and a Master of Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management. The depth and breadth of his experience allow Terry to help his clients with every facet of the college admissions process.


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