Earlham College

Richmond, IN

Earlham College

Richmond, IN

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“If you’re looking for a place that takes you seriously and helps you create a vision for your life—not just your career but your whole life—Earlham might be the place for you.”  Colleges That Change Lives

With a distinctive focus on collaboration and hands-on learning—including funded internships or research opportunities for every student—Earlham College prepares graduates for lives of purpose and accomplishment.  

What brings students to Earlham? For starters, a world-class faculty. Earlham is renowned for its unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, ranking seventh nationally for “Best Classroom Experience” by The Princeton Review, among other accolades.

Intriguing programs
What course will you set? Peace and Global Studies? Environmental Studies? Neuroscience? Maybe you’ve never heard of Border Studies or encountered a major in Human Development and Social Relations. At Earlham, you will. The College’s program offerings will introduce you to new concepts and ideas and even carry you to new lands and continents.  

EPIC: A distinctive approach to education
Earlham is known for producing graduates who engage the world’s most challenging problems with both practicality and optimism. Earlham has shaped its curriculum through an initiative called EPIC, the Earlham Program for an Integrative Curriculum, in order to best support and prepare students.

A key component of this initiative is the EPIC Advantage, Earlham’s commitment to fund an internship or research experience for every student. EPIC is also designed to help students connect disparate experiences—like an internship, a summer research experience, an off-campus program, traditional coursework, and even extracurricular activities—into a comprehensive experience.

Among the core features of EPIC is the Integrated Pathway. Besides choosing a major, students also select a set of four to six thematic courses, called an Integrated Pathway (IP). The IP experience is designed to help students make intentional connections between their academic interests and possible careers.

An uncommon campus experience
A global perspective comes naturally to the campus community. Earlham is ranked fifth by U.S. News & World Report among liberal arts colleges for its percentage of international students enrolled.

With such a variety of students, campus life at Earlham is both lively and welcoming. Earlham embraces cultural and individual differences alike and offers unparalleled opportunities for leadership, friendship, and community.

Marks of Distinction
• “Although Earlham students are based in the Midwest, they graduate ready to take on the world, thanks to the school’s cooperative can-do spirit, international perspective, and caring student-faculty community.” — Fiske Guide to Colleges

• Graduates from the past five years have earned such prestigious awards as the Rhodes Scholarship, Fulbright Scholarship, the Watson Fellowship, the National Science Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship, the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award, and a Fellowship at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

• Of all colleges and universities in the United States, Earlham also ranks in the top 2% for its percentage of graduates who go on to earn research doctorates, a distinction that demonstrates the level of academic quality and mentoring at Earlham.



Earlham ranks in the top 2% for its percentage of graduates who go on to earn research doctorates


Fifth among liberal arts colleges for its percentage of international students enrolled | U.S. News & World Report


Seventh in the nation for “Best Classroom Experience” | The Princeton Review


Regularly included list of schools with a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching | U.S. News & World Report

Earlham is a residential college of about 1,100 students, and its beautiful campus is located on 800 acres in the city of Richmond, Indiana. It’s about an hour’s drive from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Dayton. 

Academic Programs
Earlham offers 46 academic programs and provides excellent pre-professional preparation for Business, Health Care, Engineering, Law, Teaching, and the Peace Corps. Earlham students study, research, and hold internships in locations across the United States and around the world.

Career Paths
Earlham alumni are making an impact throughout the world as scientists, teachers, lawyers, ministers, executives, physicians, writers, and organizational leaders.

The student-faculty ratio is 9:1, and 70% of classes have 15 or fewer students. Faculty and students are on a first-name basis in order to emphasize that they are partners in learning. Most faculty members have completed research with students.

Students are involved in more than 60 student organizations. The Earlham community is also renowned for its engagement in community service and social justice. 

The College is a member of NCAA Division III and participates in baseball (M), basketball (M/W), cross-country (M/W), field hockey (W), golf (M/W), lacrosse (M/W), soccer (M/W), tennis (M/W), track & field (M/W), and volleyball (W).

In recent years, Earlham has invested more than $70 million in new or renovated buildings, including a student center, science facilities with state-of-the-art research labs, a center for visual and performing arts, and baseball and soccer stadiums

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “After being here for four years, I can say that this is an elite place without the elitism.”

    • Ryder Comstock
      recent graduate