The College of Fine Arts is a community of nationally and internationally recognized artists and professionals organized into five schools: Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, and Music, and its associated centers and programs. 

The College of Fine Arts enhances and integrates the excellence and distinction of its top-ranked schools with the strengths of the University to establish a position of international leadership in preparing students to engage successfully with local and international communities and in transforming the professions through critical inquiry and creative production. 

Uniquely positioned within an internationally ranked Tier One research university, the College of Fine Arts and its students truly meet at the intersection of the arts and technology every day. We educate brilliant artists, designers, actors, singers, musicians, architects, and urban designers who, upon graduation, bring innovative solutions to their fields.

School of Architecture
Our world-class architecture education is enhanced by our position within one of the world’s leading research and entrepreneurship institutions, and by the fundamental premise that architectural excellence demands both rigorous training in fundamentals and the development of unique specializations. Students may extend their core knowledge either through concentrations in architecture subdisciplines like Sustainable Design or Computational Design, or through interdis
ciplinary interaction with Carnegie Mellon’s other renowned programs—whether the sciences, the humanities, business, or robotics. Though every School of Architecture student graduates with intensive architecture knowledge, no two graduates leave with the same education.
In the 21st century, few architectural problems are straightforward. School of Architecture graduates excel in the roles architects have performed for centuries—and in new roles catalyzed by the depth and breadth of their education—to create and implement innovative solutions
to a wide range of emerging global challenges.

School of Art
A broad-based undergraduate program in art addresses many issues facing the contemporary artist. The program aims to develop each student’s commitment, knowledge, and skills necessary to work in a rapidly changing global culture.

Being educated to “work as an artist” can and will prepare individuals for many widely diverging opportunities. Implicit in the program is the notion that an artist works within a context of many dualities, and the program is a vehicle to explore these dualities, which include:
•High technology/low technology

The curriculum is divided into conceptually based and media-based courses, and studio courses comprise over 60% of study, with academic courses comprising the remainder. The dual approach ensures that all students experience high-quality, consistent training in a variety of approaches to making and understanding contemporary art.

School of Design
Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design is one of the oldest and most respected programs in North America, with a rich history in Product (Industrial) De
sign, Communication (Graphic) Design, Interaction, and Service Design. It’s one of the only leading programs to offer design degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels within a multidisciplinary, multicultural research university.

Uniquely positioned within an internationally ranked Tier One research university, the School of Design and its students truly meet at the intersection of the arts and technology everyday. Our graduates are qualified to secure top positions today, but will also be poised to become the design leaders of tomorrow as organizations look for new and more responsible ways of working.