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A great education should develop disciplined minds and shatter preconceived notions. It should unlock opportunities for meaningful careers and advanced degrees. And that's exactly what the SUNY Brockport expereince provides.

The Brockport Experience
Students thrive when they’re engaged. No SUNY campus will engage you like The College at Brockport. Work side-by-side with our faculty on groundbreaking undergraduate research projects; participate in service learning that will allow you to utilize the skills you learn in the classroom to make a difference outside of it; and take advantage of the opportunity to explore the globe through our robust international education program. Engage both your mind and heart through these and countless other innovative activities inside and outside the classroom. We call this The Brockport Experience.

Four core values
We are committed to making The Brockport Experience transformative for all students by remaining true to our four core values:
• Community: Live and learn in a diverse, inclusive community in which every member plays an essential part.
Engagement: Engage in purposeful and rewarding educational and cocurricular activities in your local, regional, and even national and global communities.
• Excellence: Be uniquely inspired to excel, achieving your maximum potential in everything you do.
• Transformation: Encounter deep, sustainable, and meaningful change and growth throughout a journey of continual improvement.

SUNY Brockport has a small-
school feel but offers big-school opportunities. Our promise is to engage you each day in cultivating your capacity for intellectual, physical, and creative accomplishment.

A liberal arts education
The world is changing. Rapidly. An education from Brockport will prepare you for what the future brings. The College's academic experience will instill an intellectual curiosity in you to help you leap life’s hurdles. The core is an environment that emphasizes the development of superior skills in writing, speaking, critical thinking, and mathematical analysis—abilities that will always be in high demand. Those courses are complemented by a vast array of professional programs to prepare you for the career of your dreams.

As part of a liberal arts education, you’ll take general education classes in subjects such as English, history, math, and science, in addition to courses in your chosen field of study. Hands-on learning takes place in the classroom, the community, and even internationally. This broad curriculum will equip you with a diverse understanding that will prepare you for the rest of your life.

Outside the classroom
Learning shouldn’t be confined to the four walls of the classroom—and at SUNY Brockport, it isn’t. It takes place in our Living-Learning Communities, where you can choose to live with others of similar academic interests. It takes place in our award-winning Leadership Development Program, which prepares you to make positive change. And it takes place on the playing field, as we offer 23 NCAA Division III varsity sports and more than 20 club sports.

Our faculty and staff work diligently to ensure your successful transition to Brockport—and our hundreds of cocurricular clubs, programs, and activities help you excel once you do. Get personalized information about your areas of interest on our website and explore campus through an interactive walking tour at



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Brockport Academic Programs

Academic Majors
• Accounting*
• African & African American Studies*
• Alcohol & Substance Abuse Studies
• Anthropology*
• Art—Studio*
• Arts for Children
• Athletic Training
• Biochemistry
• Biology*
• Business Administration*
• Chemistry*
• Chemistry with ACS Certification
• Communication Studies*
• Computer Information Systems*
• Computer Science*
• Criminal Justice*
• Dance*
• Earth Science*
• English*
• Environmental Science*
• Exercise Science
• Finance*
• French*
• Geology*
• Healthcare Administration
• History*
• International Business
• International Studies*
• Journalism & Broadcasting
• Kinesiology
• Liberal Studies (online)
• Marketing*
• Mathematics*
• Medical Technology
• Meteorology*
• Nursing
• Nursing RN-to-BSN Fast-Track
• Philosophy*
• Physical Education Teacher Education
• Physics*
• Political Science*
• Psychology*
• Public Health
• Recreation & Leisure Studies*
• Social Work
• Sociology*
• Spanish*
• Sport Management
• Theatre*
• Water Resources*
• Women & Gender Studies*

* Major also offered as a minor

Additional Minors
• Aging Studies
• Art History
• Broadcast Meteorology
• Coaching
• Economics
• Environmental Studies
• Film Studies
• Forensic Science
• Graphic Design
• Museum Studies & Public History
• Music
• Music Business
• Pre-professional Health

Education & Human Development Teacher Certification Programs
• Adapted Physical Education Teacher Certification (Grades Pre-K–12)
• Adolescence Inclusive Education Dual Certification (Grades 5–12)
• Childhood Inclusive Education Dual Certification (Grades 1–6)
• Health Education Teacher Certification (Grades Pre-K–12)
• Physical Education Teacher Certification (Grades Pre-K–12)
• Students with Disabilities Generalist (Grades 7–12)

Pre-professional Programs
• Dental
• Law
• Medicine
• Optometry
• Pharmacy
• Podiatry
• Veterinary Medicine

Combined Degrees
• Biology (BS/MS)
• Environmental Science and Biology (BS/MS)
• History (BA/MA, BS/MA)
• Mathematics (BS/MA, BS/MPA)
• Political Science andPublic Administration (BA/MPA)
• Psychology (BS/MA)
• Sociology and Public Administration (BA/MPA, BS/MPA)

Special Programs
• Accelerated 4+3 PharmD with University at Buffalo
• Adapted Physical Education concentration
• 3+3 Doctorate of Physical Therapy with Upstate Medical Center 
• Nursing, Second Degree Program
• US Air Force ROTC
• US Army ROTC
• US Navy/Marine Corps NROTC

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