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Because faith and freedom matter

Academic excellence: quenching the thirst for knowledge
Grove City College has a reputation for high academic standards. It’s an intellectually stimulating place marked by active learning and opportunities to expand your view of the world, grow in your faith, and stretch your mind through classes, projects, and discussions with professors and classmates. 

Just as important as the idea of academic challenge is the idea of caring and support. When you come to Grove City College, you become part of an engaged network of roommates, faculty, coaches, and College administrators who are committed to helping you succeed.

Holding fast to the tradition of truth 
Our founders had a vision: pursue intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development consistent with a commitment to Christian truth, morals, and freedom. The core of our curriculum is the humanities—ideas proven across the ages to be of value in the quest for knowledge. Intellectual inquiry includes the questions religion raises and affirms the answers Christianity offers. The basic tenets of Christianity guide our efforts to develop deeper understanding and a strong character in the classroom.

Making your faith your own
We’re a living, breathing community of believers with a deep and abiding love for the Lord and for one another. We’re comfortable in our faith, and we work to make sure you’re comfortable too, regardless of your particular denomination. At Grove City College, you’re free to believe and exercise your faith in a way that works for you. 

The result is a campus life animated by faith in the myriad tangibles of daily life, from the classroom to the Chapel, from the student center to the residence halls. You can feel the warm atmosphere of fellowship and friendship. 

Finding your first job . . . we’re here to help
We are deeply committed to your professional success. More than 25,000 Grove City College alumni are performing remarkable work in a vast array of successful careers, including business, engineering, health care, education, law, government, and the arts. 

Grove City College’s Career Services Office, ranked by The Princeton Review as the 12th in the nation, is committed to serving you and to helping you find your place in the world. 

Wolverine athletics
The same commitment to excellence that pervades the classroom is also evident on the playing field. Unlike many Division III schools, which tend to focus on one or two sports to the detriment of the others, at Grove City College we aim for excellence across all of our athletic programs. 

Varsity programs. More than 400 student athletes participate in varsity sports. Grove City College competes in the NCAA Division III, Presidents’ Athletic Conference and Eastern College Athletic Conference and offers 19 varsity sports (10 for women, nine for men), as well as cheerleading. 

Compete for the fun of it 
Intramural and club sports. There are many opportunities to compete in intramural and club sports. In fact, over 60% of our students participate in one or more programs and find this a great way to keep their hearts and minds active. 

An amazing value 
Grove City College doesn’t participate in any federal aid programs—there are just too many strings attached that might keep us from fulfilling our mission of freedom and excellence. Our goal has always been to minimize the financial burdens on families and as a result, we are able to offer a tuition rate that is about half the national average for private colleges of our caliber. 

Because our tuition is among the lowest in the nation, you get an automatic financial benefit of several thousand dollars just by enrolling. On top of that, we offer financial aid, awarded annually, based on financial need, academic achievement, and available funds. We also offer a limited number of merit-based scholarships, as well as a private student loan program available to enrolled students, without regard to need or credit worthiness. 

A family’s financial standing will not affect an admission decision. In short, we offer a variety of options that help make an already great value more affordable. When our students graduate, they leave Grove City College with strong bonds, prepared for a successful future—not worried about college debt. 


More than 145 clubs and organizations
Special-interest groups, faith-based and service organizations, honorary groups, fraternities and sororities—all led by students and supported by faculty and staff advisors


Grove City College Profile

• Founded: 1876

• Annual Costs (2013–2014): All degrees, including room & board, tuition, a tablet PC, and printer/scanner/copier: $22,988

• Full-time Enrollment: 2,506 students representing 44 states, eight countries, and 31 Christian denominations; 50% men, 50% women 

• Location: 60 miles north of Pittsburgh on a beautifully landscaped 180-acre, estate-like campus with Neo-Gothic architecture in Grove City, Pennsylvania

• Student-Faculty Ratio: 15:1

• Academic Programs: More than 50 programs in the liberal arts and sciences

• Degrees Offered: B.A., B.S., B.S.M.E., B.S.E.E., B.Mus.

• Extracurricular Activities: More than 145 organizations and clubs that include service, Christian, academic, publications, music, honoraries, committees, intramurals, and 12 club sports; 19 NCAA Division III varsity sports

• Freshman Profile: Middle 50% test score ranges for enrolled students: 25–30 ACT and 1135–1350 (combining only Critical Reading and Math) SAT; average high school GPA: 3.76



• Grove City College ranks high on numerous “Best Value” lists, including Consumers Digest “Top Value” liberal arts colleges, The Princeton Review’s The Best 373 Colleges, and has been chosen as one of 50 “All-American Colleges” by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

• Education majors have a 99% pass rate on the Praxis Examination.

• 75% acceptance rate into professional schools of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine

• In order to preserve and protect its independence and remain true to its mission to instill Christian truth and values, and an appreciation of a freemarket economy, the College refuses any federal funds.

• Grove City maintains one of the lowest tuitions of an independent, high-quality college.

• 203 on-campus visits by companies to recruit Grove City College Graduates in 2012