Agribusiness (BS)
- Agriculture and Food Marketing
- Crops, Horticulture, and Hydroponics
- Livestock, Dairy, and Equine
Animal Science (BS)
- Livestock Science and Management
- Pre-professional
Biology (BS)
- Botany
- Ecology/Environmental Biology
- Microbiology and Biotechnology
- Pre-professional Biology
- Zoology
Business Administration (BS)
- Accounting
- General Business
- Management
- Marketing
- Sports Management
Chemistry (BS)
- Biochemistry (BS)
Environmental Science (BS)
- Build Your Own
- Habitat Management
- Pollution/Remediation
- Soils and Land Use
- Water Quality/Watershed

Equine Management (BS)
- Business Management
- Instruction and Training
- Media and Communication
Equine Science (BS)
- Breeding
Food Science (BS)
Food Technology (BS)
- Nutrition Science
History, Policy, and Society (BA)
- Policy
- Public History
Horticulture (BS)
- Commercial Crop Production and Marketing
Interdisciplinary Studies (BA/BS)
Landscape Architecture (BS)
Landscape Design/Build (BS)
- Build Your Own
- Construction Management
- Design
- Entrepreneurial
- Plants and Grounds Management
Literary Studies (BA)
- Policy
- Public History
Media and Communication (BA)
Restaurant and Food Service Management (BS)
Secondary Education (BS)
- Agriculture Certification
- Biology Certification
- Chemistry Certification
- English Certification
- General Science Certification
- Social Studies Certification
Small Animal Science (BS)
Sustainable Agriculture Systems (BS)
Turf Management (BS)
Zoo Science (BS)

Pre-professional Studies
Physical Therapy

Whether it is to further your studies, pursue a new major, or prepare for a different career, transition from one college to another requires careful and thoughtful planning. It’s about finding the right fit and having the support you need. 

Delaware Valley University is a place where passionate students and faculty are working to improve the world. Our campus fosters individuality and makes education a relevant, hands-on experience. It’s an ideal environment for somebody who dreams of making a difference. You’ll leave campus armed with both knowledge and real-world experience that will set you up for success as a young professional. 

Academic excellence
DelVal has emphasized real-world experience in education for more than 120 years. The University offers majors in the life, physical, environmental, and agricultural sciences and in business and the humanities. All of our majors provide an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Our faculty are passionate about their subject matter and their students. They also have real-world experience in their fields and are able to provide you with connections and networking opportunities. They will challenge you with courses that are high in academic rigor.

The curriculum is comprehensive and relevant. And because of our 15:1 student-faculty ratio, you will find mentors who can help you pursue your goals.

Education and experience: a valuable combination
The Experience360 Program, our required experiential learning program, enhances the academic experience through unique, hands-on study. This innovative program, which is the heart of a DelVal education, is tailored to each student’s major and encourages you to apply your classroom knowledge to real-world problems. Through internships, community service, and study abroad, among other experiences, you will be better qualified for the challenges of the 21st century.

Vibrant Student Life
As a residential university, DelVal provides a vibrant and engaging campus environment. Between meeting new friends, participating in hall programs, and benefiting from the mutual support of fellow students, living on campus provides a growth experience unlike any other. More than half of our students are involved in intramural, recreational, and athletic teams.

Selecting the right university is important, but so is paying for it. At DelVal, 98% of incoming students receive financial aid. We offer generous Transfer Merit Scholarships* based on academic performance to help students afford DelVal.
* A minimum of 15 transfer credits is needed to be considered a transfer student. DelVal will accept up to 78 credits from a regionally accredited institution. 

A Smooth Transition
Our dedicated staff will help you make a smooth transition and work with you to plan a program that utilizes your previous course work—up to 78 transfer credits—to count toward a DelVal degree.