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Grove City College: Higher education with a higher purpose
Grove City College offers a rich academic experience at an amazing value in a Christian community of learners. It’s a great choice for students who are trying to find their place, looking for a rewarding academic challenge, or seeking deeper meaning in their college experience.  

At Grove City College, students grow intellectually and spiritually under a unique curriculum that aims to both educate and enlighten young people as they determine their professional and personal calling. The College is more than just a school; it’s a community dedicated to faith and learning that cares about and challenges students to excel in the classroom and the world at large.

We provide students the knowledge and skills they’ll need to compete in the marketplace and a strong spiritual foundation that will enable them not only to do well but to do good. While the quality of education at Grove City College is unsurpassed, the price tag is most decidedly not. Tuition is less than half the cost of competitive private liberal arts colleges, and the College offers a variety of financial aid options.

The College offers robust pre-professional programs that provide a strong foundation for those seeking acceptance to a variety of medical and health professional schools, along with an accredited Exercise Science program. Our core science courses, including biology and chemistry, are strong, and the College’s commitment to these programs is visible in the state-of-the-art Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Hall that opened last year. Grove City College has affiliations with a number of professional schools that allow graduates special consideration for admission.

A rich academic tradition
Established in 1876, Grove City College quickly became one of the region’s leading institutions of higher learning and a staunch defender of academic freedom. The College has long championed the Western intellectual tradition, free market economics, and an independent spirit.

Our science and engineering programs are among the best available, and the College’s commitment to advancing scholarship in those fields is demonstrated by new, state-of-the-art STEM facilities. Students at Grove City do real-world research and learn to formulate practical solutions in campus labs and have access to a wide range of internship opportunities in private industry, government agencies, and leading research institutions.

Our extraordinary faculty are dedicated to educating hearts and minds. They are teachers, mentors, and friends to students ready to be challenged and informed. Grove City College is a place where high academic standards produce outstanding outcomes for graduates well prepared to pursue their life’s calling. It’s a transformational experience in more ways than you can imagine.

Grove City College is one of the “Smartest Liberal Arts Colleges in America,” according to Business Insider, and the College’s academic quality is a key reason it is consistently listed as one of the nation’s best colleges by The Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, and others. The College offers 60 programs of study and recently added three new Biology majors and five new minors, including Medical Physics, Robotics, and Computer Game Design and Development.

An amazing value
In an era where students routinely rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt to secure a degree, Grove City College’s goal is to keep higher education affordable while maintaining academic excellence in a Christ-centered community. Tuition is less than half the cost of the national average of other private liberal arts colleges and the lowest of all of Pennsylvania’s private colleges and universities.

We keep tuition low by practicing the fiscal discipline we preach. Grove City College operates on a very tight budget with very little debt. We don’t follow the lead of other colleges by offering tuition discounts to some students while forcing other students to subsidize those incentives. As a matter of principle, we do not accept federal funds, including student loans. That independence means we don’t spend money complying with government regulations and are able to dedicate more resources to in-house financial aid and providing access to private loans.

Grove City College is ranked as a top “College That Pays You Back” by The Princeton Review and is one of PayScale’s top 10 “Best Value Liberal Arts Schools” based on a great return on investment.

Christian community of learners
The connection between faith and learning is central at Grove City College. Our faculty are Christian scholars who understand their disciplines as deeply and as well as they understand humankind’s place in God’s creation. Christian truth and inspired wisdom form the foundation on which our faculty teach and the world-view that our institution embraces. That is not a limiting principle but a liberating one. Faith illuminates knowledge, puts education into an immutable context, and enriches the human condition.

Students join a strong spiritual community at Grove City College, where students from all traditions are welcomed and encouraged to think about what they believe and live their faith as they choose and as fully as possible. Through twice-weekly Chapel services, student ministries, Christian organizations, and late-night residence hall discussions, the campus community serves to reinforce and expand a student’s faith.

Grove City College is one of the nation’s top Christian colleges, ranked as a Christian College of Distinction and one of America’s “50 Best” Christian colleges.


Grove City College Profile
• Founded: 1876
• Annual Costs (2016–2017): All degrees, including room and board, tuition, a tablet PC, and printer/scanner/copier: $25,692
• Full-Time Enrollment: 2,396 students representing 42 states, 14 countries, and 27 Christian denominations; 50% men, 50% women
• Location: 60 miles north of Pittsburgh on a beautifully landscaped, 180-acre estate-like campus with Neo-Gothic architecture in Grove City, Pennsylvania
• Student-Faculty Ratio: 13:1
• Academic Programs: 60 programs in the liberal arts and sciences
• Degrees Offered: BA, BS, BSME, BSEE, BMus
• Extracurricular Activities: More than 150 organizations and clubs, 12 club sports, 21 NCAA Division III varsity sports, campus ministries, theater, music, and more
• Freshman Profile: Middle 50% test score ranges for enrolled students: 25–30 ACT and 1135–1350 SAT (combining only Critical Reading and Math); average high school GPA: 3.76

Distinguishing Facts
• Education majors have a 99% pass rate on the Praxis examination.
• Graduates see an acceptance rate to medical schools and professional medicine schools that’s 20%–25% higher than the national average.
• In order to preserve and protect its independence and remain true to its mission to instill Christian truth and values and an appreciation of a free market economy, the College refuses all federal funding.
• Grove City maintains one of the lowest tuitions for a high-quality independent college.
• There were 214 on-campus visits by companies to recruit Grove City College graduates in 2014–2015.

How We Rank
• America’s Top Colleges, Forbes
• Best National Liberal Arts College, U.S. News & World Report
• Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs, U.S. News & World Report
• Top 10 “Best Value” national liberal arts college, PayScale
• The Best 379 Colleges, The Princeton Review
• Smartest Liberal Arts Colleges in America, Business Insider
• Christian College of Distinction

60 solid programs of study
Choosing your major shouldn’t just be a question of how much money you are going to make when you graduate but how you impact those around you, both in college and in the years to come. The course selection at Grove City College will provide you with a liberal arts and professional education of the highest degree.

Over 150 clubs and organizations
Athletics and club sports; committees; honoraries; music, professional, academic, religious, service, and special-interest groups; publications; and fraternities and sororities—all led by students and supported by faculty and staff advisors