Molloy College...We Mean Business


Students gain invaluable internship and networking experience as early as freshman year.

“Networking through Molloy’s executive faculty opened the doors for me at the Federal Reserve Bank.”
— Cassandra Beggen, Class of 2013 
Full-time job: Federal Reserve

“The public speaking skills I am learning made me stand out in meetings.”
— Jessica Arnone, Class of 2015
Internship: Marc Jacobs

“My professors mentored me in business competitions, enabling me to gain important professional experience.”
— Michael Valveri, Class of 2010
Full-time job: Deloitte and Touche

“Getting involved with the Student Investment Fund got me excited about the dynamics of capital markets.”
— Ermin Deljanin, Class of 2012
Full-time job: PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Molloy Business Channel episodes that I worked on caught the attention of my future employer.”
— Craig Gendjoian, Class of 2015
Internship: Morgan Stanley

“Our focus on business current events helped me in interviews with employers and with clients.”
— Martin Concepcion, Class of 2013
Full-time job: Ernst & Young

Molloy College, an independent Catholic college based in Rockville Centre, Long Island, serves a student population of approximately 4,900 undergraduate and graduate students. Molloy students can earn degrees in a variety of outstanding academic programs, including Nursing, Business, Education, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Music Therapy, and many more.

Molloy continues to earn a wide variety of honors, including being named one of the nation’s top three “value” colleges for two consecutive years by Money magazine. Molloy is extremely proud of this honor, which was based on a variety of factors, including graduation rates and salaries of graduates. According to the Money article, “Molloy provides opportunities to all kinds of students and does an exemplary job of getting them through to graduation and into good-paying jobs.” College Factual also named Molloy the #1 college for health professions, and the College’s residence halls were voted Best in New York by These rankings also referenced Molloy’s 88% freshman retention rate, which is among the highest in the country. Also of note, Molloy graduates’ starting salaries have ranked among the highest in the US in surveys conducted by Georgetown University and

Business at Molloy
In the Molloy Business program, we begin with the end in mind: to prepare our Business students to be successful business professionals. Molloy’s “executive-based faculty” help open doors for our students to get them “out of the stack of résumés.” We do this by focusing on the academic and professional skills we believe will give them a competitive edge:
Writing skills. Students will em-ploy written communication skills through the use of individual and/
or team research projects.
Technical skills. Students will acquire quantitative and model
ing skills to analyze and evaluate current business problems and solutions.
Public speaking. Students will employ oral communication skills, effectively emphasizing professional presentation and/or team
Ethics. Students will integrate a strong ethical thought process into all their business decision-making.

Business program students obtain professional internships throughout their career, sometimes as early as their freshman year. We are able to create these opportunities for Molloy Business students because our executive faculty have estab
lished a professional network in a variety of different industries.
Molloy Business honors program
Molloy offers the only honors program in the region specifically focused on business. It is made up of the most academically qualified
and well-rounded students in each incoming freshman class. The size is limited to 40 students divided into two cohorts of approximately 20.

You will be challenged by interactive seminars with our executive-based faculty of former CEOs, CFOs, managing directors on Wall Street, and senior members at major accounting firms. Substantial scholarships are available.

High school Business Boot Camp
Are you a high-achieving junior in high school who is seriously consider
ing majoring in Business in college?

If so, you probably wonder which business career might be a good fit for you. That’s exactly what we will show you at the Molloy Business Boot Camp, held on the scenic Molloy campus during the last week of June. Students will have four days to listen, learn, and make new friends. The Molloy Business executive faculty and other business professionals are present at the camp to equip and challenge you with their extensive business experience as you embark on your future career path.

International travel, sports, clubs, and much more

The College has expanded its International Education program, where students travel from Rockville Centre to study abroad in such countries as Australia, Belgium, France, India, Italy, Spain, and Thailand. By immersing themselves in cultures in other parts of the world, students gain knowledge while learning acceptance and understanding.

Closer to home, Molloy College students make a difference in Rockville Centre as well as other nearby local communities. For example, as part of Molloy’s tradition of service, students become involved in a number of service projects that include BoxTown, a program to raise social consciousness about the issue of homelessness.

Athletics and academics go hand- in-hand at Molloy College, where students are known for both their athletic and scholastic success. The Long Island school has a winning tradition in a number of NCAA Division II athletic programs, and two athletes recently earned All-American honors.

Campus life in Rockville Centre, New York, is alive and vibrant, with more than 50 student clubs and honor societies and a wide variety of social events. In recent years, Molloy has opened two new residence halls housing more than 250 students. A new student center provides opportunities for Molloy students to study, interact with their fellow students, or simply relax.

Through Molloy College’s diversity of programs, personal attention from faculty members, and commitment to improving both Long Island and the world, students develop an “I will” attitude that prepares them to enter the professional world—ready and able to make a difference.