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Undergrad Profile

Since its founding in 1867, Cedar Crest College has taken a bold approach to education by creating a college and a curriculum designed for women who want to achieve at the highest levels! 

Recognizing the multidimensional nature of students, Cedar Crest College is dedicated to the education of the next generation of women leaders by preparing the whole student for life in the global community.

Cedar Crest also provides a wealth of opportunity for non-traditional and graduate students. Our coeducational School of Adult and Graduate Education (SAGE) demonstrates our commitment to education at all levels. SAGE offers valuable benefits for adult learners, including rewardingrelationships with faculty, generous transfer credit policies, flexible degree completion maps, and much more.

At Cedar Crest students learn to become leaders for life. Once they’re here they will understand what those before them mean when they say at Cedar Crest students will “Learn More, Achieve More, Be More!”

Progressive learning at Cedar Crest College
Experiential learning: At Cedar Crest College, the educational experience is more than just lectures, textbooks, and exams. Students are exposed to boundless opportunities to learn through experience. From internships to service projects, Cedar Crest students are guaranteed to graduate with skills that employers find valuable and that allow them to contribute positively to their companies and communities right away.

Leadership: Leaders innovate, inspire
and, most of all, take action! Our students do just that. With growth opportunities around every corner, Cedar Crest students develop critical-thinking skills, communication abilities, and confidence. Whether it’s organizing a fundraiser, starting a club, or driving their own research projects, our leaders are destined to excel upon entering the competitive workforce.

Balance: It’s important to maintain
balance in all aspects of life. Cedar Crest students are given every resource to do so. No matter what major students choose, they can always incorporate their passions into their experience—whether it’s athletics, dance, theater, or even a second major, we offer a customized academic experience. Not only do we provide students with an outstanding education combined with a liberal arts background, we ensure that students graduate in four years. And we help develop the necessary skills to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Networking: They say, “It’s all about who you know.” But at Cedar Crest College, it’s more than that. Our highly credentialed faculty develop close-knit relationships with their students as they help to build a solid platform for a successful career. Students also build relationships with professionals in their field through work with faculty members, opening the door to opportunities to communicate the value of a Cedar Crest education.

Professional development: All of Cedar Crest College’s majors provide professional development opportunities, including course work on careers in that discipline, internships and externships, job shadowing, alumnae mentoring, and networking opportunities. These opportunities give students the upper hand to develop professional skills such as adaptability, accountability, productivity, and cross-cultural understanding. Students begin to build a résumé right away.





Bachelor of Arts
• Art*
• Communication
• Dance
• English*
• Global Studies
• History*
• Political Science*
• Social Work*
• Spanish*
• Theatre

Bachelor of Arts or Science
• Secondary Education*
• Biology
• Psychology*+

Bachelor of Science
• Accounting*
• Biochemistry
• Environmental Conservation
• Business Administration*+
• Chemistry
• Criminal Justice*+
• Elementary Education* (certification)
• Genetic Engineering
• Mathematics
• Neuroscience
• Nursing*
• Nutrition*
• R.N. to B.S.N.+

Graduate Programs
• Master of Arts in Art Therapy*
• Master of Business Administration*
• M.F.A. in Creative Writing
• Master of Education: Art of Teaching*+
• Master of Education: Early Childhood Certification*+
• Master of Education: Secondary
• Certification*+
• Master of Science in Forensic Science
• Master of Science in Nursing*+
• Dietetic Internship+

• Reading Specialist
• Special Education

* Indicates evening availability
+ Indicates online availability