Our world is changing—fast


Private, four-year residential college with 95% of students living on campus

Founded: 1853

Location: Monmouth, Illinois, population 9,900

Enrollment: 1,000 students hailing from 32 states and 22 countries

Diversity: 26% minority background

Student-Faculty Ratio: 10:1

Average Class Size: 12 students

Areas of Study: 38 majors, 42 minors, and 18 pre-professional programs, with new programs in Engineering, Data Science, and Neuroscience

Student Life: More than 120 student organizations; ~50% of students either varsity athletes or participating in intramurals

Athletics: NCAA Division III, Midwest Conference; 24 varsity programs 

To keep pace requires new ways of thinking, new ways of acting. At Monmouth College, we’re preparing students to succeed in this ever-evolving future. We’re teaching them to think more deeply, more creatively. We’re engaging them to be more collaborative—in the classroom, in research, in internships, and in leadership. Employing innovative instruction and the most advanced facilities, we’re preparing graduates who will be able to learn, adapt, and thrive, no matter what the future holds.

More intentional, more purposeful, our developmental process at Monmouth starts with a simple question: what are you interested in? Once we help you identify your passions and goals, we then outline options and a plan to help you achieve them. We’ll explore the right mix of a major, minor, research opportunity, campus leadership position, professional internship, semester abroad, community service, student ministry, part-time employment—whatever it is that will help you define your future. Classroom knowledge is just one part of a Monmouth education. This is an education that goes further. And as a result, you will too.

Ours is a uniquely collaborative academic experience, distinguished by a multidisciplinary approach, experiential learning, and using the power of the liberal arts to address issues of social importance. Because our world is such a different place than it used to be, you will need an education that will not just fill you with facts but rather an education that goes deeper. At Monmouth, you’ll be exposed to many ideas and perspectives. You’ll take classes in several different disciplines. You’ll become adept in your major, but you’ll also acquire a broad knowledge and practical skills that will serve you now and for the rest of your career—no matter what the future brings. This is the liberal arts. This is a deep, broad, innovative, integrated, adaptable, collaborative 21st-century preparation.

Hands-on learning brings true understanding. It’s why more than 75% of our most recent graduating class participated in internships. It’s why our undergraduates conduct high-level research, an opportunity usually reserved for graduate students at other institutions. It’s why you’ll find our students studying, researching, and serving in every corner of the world. Monmouth students learn by doing.