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Science & Engineering Profile

Will you be the next?

Our students are creating the future. They have big, bold ideas, and they come to Florida Polytechnic University looking for ways to make their visions a reality. 

Are you the next?
When you come to Florida Poly, you’ll be welcomed by students and faculty who share your passion for pushing the boundaries of science,
technology, engineering, and math (STEM). With small classes and professors who work side-by-side with students on real-world projects in some of the most advanced technology labs available, the possibilities are endless.

Who we are
Florida Poly opened its doors in fall 2014 as the newest member of the State University System of Florida and the only one dedicated exclusively to preparing students for careers in STEM. That means even your core classes-—humanities, literature, philosophy-—incorporate some aspect of science and technology. This is not a place where you wait two years to get into a lab; freshmen can expect hands-on projects based on real-world issues their first semester.

Where we are
Florida Poly is strategically located in Lakeland, the heart of the Sunshine State’s High Tech Corridor. Our campus is a short drive from both the theme parks of Orlando and the beaches of Tampa. You’ll take the warm, sunny weather for granted faster than you can imagine.

Florida Poly perks
Joining a new university means you have a strong voice in creating the traditions and culture that will last for generations to come. Our students have launched more than 20 clubs, including the inaugural PolyCon and Hackathon. Another big perk: high-tech equipment. Our labs are filled with the latest technology, including a supercomputer; the largest MakerBot Innovation Center in the country, with more than 50 3-D printers and scanners; isolated servers for cyber security training and robotics development; and one of the world’s first all-digital libraries.

Get started
Since grade school you’ve talked about being the next to go faster, to build it better, and to lead the way. It’s time to make that happen, and Florida Poly is where you start.

C’mon. Be the next.



Whether you want to be the next startup CEO, the next world-changing problem solver, or the next to stretch the limits of high tech, this is where you come to make it happen.