Biola University

La Mirada, CA

Biola University

La Mirada, CA

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Biola: All As One

Biola University is home to purposeful learners and compassionate leaders who want to see their communities and industries shaped by the grace and truth of Christ. We’ll be honest: while the nearly endless chances to learn outside the classroom are exciting; while the personal relationships you’ll form with students and faculty are life-changing; while the professional preparation you’ll receive here is exceptional—we believe the true value of a Biola education lies in the opportunity to become a better you. If you’re willing to trust God’s hand in the process of always progressing and never quite arriving, you’ll leave this school changed in the best possible way. 

A faith that engages
True faith involves asking the hard questions, and we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t have all the answers. However, we’re convinced that biblical truth should and does inform every aspect of the way we learn from, interact with, and respond to the world around us. That’s why we weave biblical integration into every discipline. 

A top-tier education
Our faith is far from anti-intellect. To the contrary, we take the commandment to love God with all our minds seriously. Curiosity and critical thinking shape learning in each of our academic programs and study abroad opportunities and in the Torrey Honors Institute. 

A community of belonging
If you ask any alumni or current students what sets Biola apart, a theme will quickly emerge. They’ll want to tell you about our community, with an eagerness that welcomes new relationships and adventures. At Biola, a true belonging matched by a call to become more like Christ is combined with a community ready to engage, wrestle with, and celebrate our differences. With multiethnic programs and affinity groups, we’re committed to welcoming the perspectives of students from all backgrounds as we move toward a unity in diversity, reflective of the kingdom.


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La Mirada, California

Adventure is out there. Imagine living in the heart of Southern California: world-famous beaches and snow-dusted mountains with breathtaking views; or the vibrant hum, bustling rhythm, and unique culture of local cities with coffee shops on every other corner that come in cozy, trendy, or quirky. Take your pick! To top it off, the “Happiest Place on Earth” is just a 20-minute drive away.

Biola Fast Facts

Location: La Mirada, California

Undergraduate enrollment: Approximately 4,000 students

Biblical integration: Traditional undergraduates earn a minor in Bible Studies.

Academic offerings: 40+ majors and 150+ programs

Spiritual development: Seven different chapel opportunities every week

Student-faculty ratio: 15:1

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “Biola provides a great technical foundation, which equipped me to be successful in my professional life. One of the most important lessons from my time at Biola was learning how to learn.”

    • Brandon Yates ’17
      BS in Computer Science and BS in Mathematics Software Engineering; Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • “Biola professors challenged me to think critically from all points of views. I learned how Jesus understood sociology to the core, dismantling and shifting power from authorities to advocate and serve those who were under-represented and misunderstood.”

    • Michelle Kim ’15
      BA in Sociology; Psychiatric Social Worker
  • "Everywhere you go, you wear your faith. When you have the Holy Spirit, when you have that core, it doesn’t falter. No matter what major [you choose], it’s what shapes you."

    • Judith Hill ’05
      BM in Composition (Keyboard & Voice), Grammy Award–winning performing artist, actress, and songwriter
  • "One thing I’m really grateful for [about Biola] is that I got a solid foundation in what I believe. Honestly, that foundation is probably the thing keeping me afloat while doing all this."

    • Zach King ’12
      BA in Cinema & Media Arts, Filmmaker and social media content creator